Monthly, Seasonal & Event Summaries Archive

     At the end of every month and season I write a post that summarizes that month or season. These summaries include how precipitation and temperature trends through the month or season ranked compared to normal and compared to previous years. In addition, I give a bonus post during the Fall which summarizes the thunderstorm season across southern Manitoba and Canada.

     This page is for you to be able to look back at the past summaries (including storm summaries):

Monthly Summaries

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2012 J12 F12 M12 A12 M12 J12 J12 A12 S12 O12 N12 D12
2013 J13 F13 M13 A13 M13 J13 J13 A13 S13 O13 N13 D13
2014 J14 F14 M14 A14 M14 J14 J14 A14 S14 O14 N14 D14
2015 J15 F15 M15 A15 M15 J15 J15 A15 S15 O15 N15 D15
2016 J16 F16 M16 A16


J17 A17 S17

Seasonal Summaries

Year Winter Spring Summer Fall Manitoba t-storm season Canada severe t-storm season
2012 W11/12 Sp12 Su12 F12 MB tstorm season 12 CD severe tstorm season 12
2013 W12/13 Sp13 Su13 F13 MB tstorm season 13 CD tstorm season 13
2014 W13/14 Sp14 Su14 F14 MB tstorm season 14 CD tstorm season 14
2015 W14/15 Sp15 Su15 F15 MB tstorm season 15
2016 W15/16
Su 16 F16 MB tstorm season 16


Storm/event Summaries