Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cool & Unsettled

     Now that yesterday's rain is over with, today we will have plenty of sunshine. Temperatures will also be pleasant, albeit still colder than normal, with highs near 10 to 12°C. Winds will be strong out of the northeast.

     Speaking of yesterday's rain, highest amounts occurred in the southern and southwestern RRV where generally 15-25 mm fell. In Winnipeg, 13.0 mm fell in Charleswood, 8.6 mm at the airport and 11.4 mm here in south St Vital. Here's a map of rainfall totals across southern Manitoba yesterday (not including Sunday, but very little fell that day):

     Cloudy skies return tomorrow with chance of showers and flurries as the Colorado Low to our east wraps around some cloud and precipitation towards the west. It will be chilly and windy from the north; a miserable day.

     Some sun and some cloud on Thursday with warmer temperatures. We should manage to reach about 12 or 13°C assuming we get enough sunshine.

     Beyond that, things look cool and unsettled with multiple chances of showers to begin May. Showers are possible Thursday night, Friday, Saturday and Monday. More specific timing and amounts will be described as these become more certain in the days ahead.

     This sounds like a broken record, but no significant warmup is in the foreseeable future.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Gloomy Times

Snow this morning
     About 12 mm of rain fell over Winnipeg Wednesday evening through yesterday. This was the greatest rainfall since September. Rain changed to snow around 6 pm last night and as of 8 am this morning, I have measured 3.0 cm of accumulation here in south St Vital. Thankfully, no more accumulation is expected  today and the snow will likely melt this afternoon with a high near 7°C.

      We should be thankful for the small amount of snow we did receive however. 15-25 cm of snow is expected to have fallen yesterday and today in the Thunder Bay area of northwestern Ontario. In addition, snow depths in northern Ontario are still high in spots, including in Armstrong north of Lake Superior where snow depths remain at near half a metre.

     As for the forecast, a nice Saturday is expected tomorrow with highs near 11°C. The day will start off fairly sunny but clouds will increase in the afternoon.

     Winds will increase on Sunday sustained at 30-45 km/h from the east/southeast and skies will be fairly cloudy. A Colorado Low to our south could have impacts on southern Manitoba Sunday and Monday... but there remains uncertainty at this time about who will be getting significant rainfall and how much could fall. Stay tuned over the next couple days for updates!

     No significant warmup is expected in the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Soaking Rains Wednesday Night And Thursday

     A decent rainfall is expected for southern Manitoba tomorrow and Thursday. Rain should begin in the Winnipeg area tomorrow sometime around supper late afternoon or early evening or so. Periods of rain is expected to continue through the day on Thursday. In total, 15-30 mm could fall on the city, which would be our greatest rainfall since September.

     Winds will also be strong tomorrow with gusts up to 60 km/h. It wont be as windy on Thursday, but still with sustained winds of 20 to 30 km/h and temperatures only hovering around 4 or 5°C.

     Rain may changeover to snow Thursday night with a slushy cm possible, however not much snow is expected thankfully. Friday looks gloomy with generally cloudy skies and highs only reaching aronud 4 or 5°C, almost 10°C below normal for this time of year.

     Below normal temperatures are expected to continue for the weekend and into at least part of next week, as the same old pattern continues.