Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rain, Rain and More Rain

     This may sound like a broken record, but yet more rain is on the way later today for the RRV and Winnipeg as rain over southwestern Manitoba this morning gradually wraps around the system into the RRV. Rain may be heavy at times. Thunderstorms are not very likely in Winnipeg, but thunder will be possible closer to the Ontario border. Rain will likely continue tonight. Showers, unfortunately, will continue on and off yet again through the day tomorrow before finally tapering off tomorrow night.

      In total, there could be an additional 15-40 mm of rain by Tuesday morning in the RRV. For Winnipeg airport, this will be on top of the 123.1 mm of rain that has already fallen this June, which will place this June in the top 15 rainiest Junes on record since 1873. Other parts of the city have been wetter this month however, with 148.1 mm so far this month here in South St Vital. Even higher amounts have fallen in the far southeast corner of the city this June. To our west in Brandon, over 200 mm of rain has fallen so far this June as of this morning, only the 3rd time since 1890 that they have seen over 200 mm of rain in June. With yet more rain to fall today and tomorrow, this June will likely place itself as 2nd rainiest June on record in the Wheat City.

     A full summary of rainfall totals with this multi-day event will be posted alongside the June summary on Tuesday.

Branches taken down by the wind in Winnipeg on Saturday
     Of note, winds will also be particularly strong today and tomorrow. Sustained winds over 45 km/h are expected for Winnipeg today, and over 30 km/h tomorrow. Even windier in parts of southwestern Manitoba where Brandon has seen sustained winds over 70 km/h at times this morning along with gusts over 90 km/h at times.

     Drier, warmer weather will return late this week.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Active Pattern Continues

     Thunderstorms did materialize across parts of southern Manitoba overnight and this morning. The bulk of the storm activity occurred in the Whiteshell area east of Winnipeg and also in southwestern Manitoba. Multiple waves of thunderstorms have been and are occurring so far today in the Brandon area with 25+ mm recorded so far, including about 32 mm in Forrest and Virden according to Manitoba Agriculture.

     Thunderstorm activity is expected to continue throughout the day in southern Manitoba, especially over central and western parts. Severe thunderstorms are possible with the main threat being the flooding rains. Localized amounts of 50+ mm are possible under thunderstorms today. Some hail, strong winds and funnel clouds are also possible, but not the main threats.

     Thunderstorm activity is expected to continue through the night for parts of southern Manitoba. Additional thunderstorm activity is likely tomorrow, especially over central and eastern parts of southern Manitoba. Main threat will again be flooding rains. Winnipeg's best shot for thunderstorm activity will be tonight and tomorrow.

     We do not dry out for a while. Scattered shower activity remains possible Sunday through to Canada Day Tuesday. Thunder is possible on Sunday but not very likely Monday and Tuesday. Temperatures will be quite cool Monday and Tuesday as well, likely only reaching mid to high teens. Drier weather returns by Wednesday and temperatures should warm back up late in the week.