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Top 10 Weather Events Archive

At the end of every year, I produce a series of articles highlighting the top ten weather events of the year in the Winnipeg area. I decide the order of the events, number 1 being the top event of the year and number 10 being the lowest on the list. I take into account the following criteria to determine the order of the events: how extreme the event was compared to normal, the amount of lives impacted and how memorable an event was in general (how much it stood out in the year overall). In anticipation of the release of the articles, on the second week of December every year I create a poll to get all of your opinions on what the top event was during the year. 

This particular page is where you can find all the articles and read them again if you wish, or for you to look back at the extreme events of the past. Because my blog was created in December 2011, I only have the actual articles going back to 2011. Prior to that, I only have a list without the actual articles (in the future I may attach the actual articles). Also of note, I include a list of 5 honourable mentions as well; events that I had considered for the top 10 but did not quite make it.


Here are the top ten weather events, year by year, since 2009:


  1. March Super-Storm
  2. Third Driest Year Since 1873
  3. Incredible Winter Thaws and Rainfalls
  4. January 12 Classic Prairie Blizzard
  5. An ''Early, Not So Early'', Start to Winter
  6. Cold Snap in Late December
  7. Another Year of Heat Records in September
  8. Summer-Like Temperature and Thunderstorms in Mid-October
  9. Overall Pleasant Summer, But with Chilly Periods
  10. Warm First Half of June with Heat Records on June 2
Honourable mentions:
  • Southern Manitoba Spring Flood
  • Warm First Half of April
  • July 22 Heavy Thunderstorm Dumps 40-60 mm of Rain in an Hour in North Winnipeg
  • Rainy Second Half of September and Southern Manitoba Severe Thunderstorms Sep 19


  1. Warmest November on Record
  2. High-Impact Thunderstorm Season
  3. Two Colorado Lows Push December to Second Snowiest
  4. Second Warmest Fall on Record
  5. Fifth Warmest Year Since 1873
  6. Strong El Nino Brings Ninth Warmest Winter
  7. Early Spring Brings Record Warmth, an Early Melt and Record Rainfall
  8. Earliest 35°C on Record Highlights Warmest May in 25 Years
  9. July 20 Second Highest Dewpoint Reading HighlightsThird Most Humid Summer
  10. Rainiest Halloween on Record Fitting End to Rainy October
Honourable mentions:
  • April 14-17 Rainstorm (a month's worth of rain in 3 days)
  • Cold Start to April (high of -6.2°C on April 2 a highlight)
  • February 7 Red River Valley Blizzard
  • Mild Start to December With Record High Minimum Dewpoint Temperatures


  1. Remarkable Warmth in December Finished 9th Warmest Year
  2. August 22-23 severe thunderstorms and heavy rains
  3. Warm and moist fall
  4. May Long Weekend storm system
  5. A very early spring
  6. An active Manitoba thunderstorm season despite a late start
  7. Sizzling in September
  8. A very humid summer
  9. Mild January and a winter with little snow
  10. Warm and ''dusty'' April
Honourable mentions:



  1. Harsh winter
  2. Historical streak of cold months & coldest year since 1996
  3. January 15 ''super-clipper''
  4. Super-soaking June storms 
  5. Drenching August rains
  6. Summer's revisit in late September 
  7. Mild and lack of snow in December
  8. January in November
  9. Mid-fall warmth & very dry conditions
  10. July in May: record heat & numerous thunderstorms in late May 
Honourable mentions:


  1. The winter that overstayed its arrival; what a difference a year makes!
  2. Bone-chilling December fitting end to a ''cold'' year
  3. The ''Perimeter Shields'' in full action
  4. Summer heat; better late than never!
  5. January in November
  6. A week of drenching thunderstorms
  7. The 4 major snowstorms and blizzards of early 2013
  8. Twin May rainstorms
  9. Mid-summer blues
  10. A return to reality; a colder and very snowy winter
Honourable mentions:



  1. March madness
  2. The winter that never was
  3. 2012, a tale of warmth
  4. Early winter wallop Oct 4-5
  5. A week of severe storms
  6. Drought intensifies as summer ends
  7. An out of bounds Spring
  8. Another summer of searing heat and parched lawns
  9. May's wild thunderstorms
  10. Cold September nights
Honourable mentions:



  1. Our seemingly endless summer
  2. Summer in October
  3. October rumbles
  4. Wacky December
  5. July heat wave
  6. September heat wave
  7. Spring snowstorm
  8. Torrid Tuesday
  9. November extremes
  10. July 4 supercell outbreak
 Honourable mentions:
  • Snowy January and January 28 snowstorm
  • March 11 blizzard
  • June 29 and 30 heat and humidity
  • August 18 severe thunderstorms
  • Late-season tornado (Sept 18)


  1. Biblical rains (May 28/29)
  2. 2010; a year of warmth and precipitation
  3. Historical weather bomb
  4. Hot 'n dry April
  5. A taste of the Maritimes (fog), followed by an early Spring
  6. Blinding blizzard (Jan 25)
  7. Winter starts off with a bang
  8. Abnormal January weather
  9. Shorts and t-shirts in October
  10. July 13/14, a repeat performance of late May
 Honourable mentions:
  • Thunderstorms swamp Winnipeg once again on August 13
  • Severe thunderstorms July 26/27
  • Fine start to November


  1. The Red Sea
  2. 9 consecutive months of below normal temperatures
  3. The worst ice storm in decades
  4. Punishing hailers (Aug 12/13/14)
  5. Punishing winds on January 31
  6. Fabulous September
  7. Warm and dry November
  8. Unwelcomed spring storms
  9. Thunderstorm outbreak (Jul 9)
  10. October dissapoints
 Honourable mentions:
  • Unseasonably strong system in June
  • September super cells (Sept 10)