Friday, 14 December 2012

Snow Totals Past Few Days and Forecast

     A few rounds of snowfall brought some higher accumulations than expected to parts of southern Manitoba Wednesday and Thursday. Here are some snowfall totals for the two-day period: (note amounts come from reports to Rob's Blog, as well as Cocorahs therefore I don't have control over its accuracy)

Community Snowfall (cm)
Pinawa 15
Wpg Beach 14.5
NE of Portage 9.9
Woodlands 9.7
Morden 8.9
Morris 8.4
Emerson 8
Steinbach 7.2
Brandon 6.6

And in Winnipeg...
     Temperatures have warmed behind the snowfall with highs above normal today in the mid minus single digits. These milder temperatures will continue tomorrow with highs in the low minus single digits (-6 to -8°C). However, patchy fog, mist and freezing drizzle will be possible tonight and tomorrow before skies begin to brighten Sunday with the arrival of colder weather. Generally seasonal temperatures are expected to start next week, with a more organised snowfall possible mid-week (2-5 cm or so). At this point, below normal temperatures are expected after the snowfall, however no major cold outbreaks are expected in the near-future. I will provide updates in the comment section over the next few days.

UPDATE (5:30 PM) Dec 14: A special weather statement has been issued by Environment Canada for southwestern Manitoba and the western RRV regarding the likelihood of dense fog tonight. Watch out on the roads, especially highways if you have to venture out. Patchy freezing drizzle will be likely as well.


  1. Magnificient hoar frost out there this morning, a good morning to take a walk in the forest!

    Here's a website I found about the chance of a white Christmas in Canada's biggest cities and towns (Brandon is also included).

  2. Fog will likely redevelop tonight, but not as severe as last night for the most part.

  3. At this point, 2 to 5 cm of snowfall still looks reasonable with that clipper system Wednesday.

  4. Unfortunately, it does not look like sunshine will be in the cards today after all as this low cloud continues to hover over us. The closest to sun we'll get for a few days is the possibility of a few sunny breaks tomorrow, but we may have to wait until later in the week to get some good sunshine. The bright side is the cloud cover keeps our temperatures a tad warmer, especially at night.

  5. New poll up in anticipation of my top 10 weather events of 2012 post, in the Winnipeg area, near New Year's. Tell me what you think was NUMBER ONE!

  6. No sunny breaks today after all, in fact scattered flurries are falling, with 1-3 cm likely today. 4 cm has already fallen in Charleswood and 1 cm in River Park South. Not bad for a snowfall that wasn't supposed to happen!

    Incredible that the hoar frost from two nights ago is still on the trees.. Just goes to show how calm our weather is right now - which could help to explain why it's so cloudy day after day. We will have to wait until we get some stronger winds to push this moist air mass out of here.

    Light snow still looking good for Wednesday. 2-5 cm is still a good forecast for now.

  7. 2.3 cm at my place so far today, higher amounts the further north in the city you go.

  8. Had another 1.1 cm overnight/early this morning. More light snow will move in tonight into tomorrow with a general 2-4 cm likely.

    More flurries will be possible this weekend, but it's a little for specifics. Also, a more significant system is possible early next week (around Monday), however again it's a little far to guarantee it. GFS currently brings 5-10 cm.

  9. Light snow will fall for most of the day with 1-3 additional cm most likely. Already have had 1-2 cm.

  10. Had 3 cm at my place yesterday.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the low-level moisture hasn't cleared out of our region yet. Consequently, we will have another cloudy day with light snow today. Surprise! I would expect 1-3 cm in the city.

    Tomorrow, I think it is safe to say it will be similar with cloudy, light snowy conditions again, given the fact that winds will switch to the south, advecting the moisture back in.