Saturday, 13 April 2013

More White Stuff on the Way

     A Montana Low will spread more of the S word in southern Manitoba tomorrow and Monday with significant accumulations and strong winds expected. Heaviest amounts are expected to remain in North Dakota with 25 cm + possible in some parts. Here in Manitoba, heaviest accumulations are expected along the US Border, in southeastern Manitoba and along the escarpment of the western RRV. 15-20 cm is possible in these areas, while the remainder of southern Manitoba is expected to get between 5 and 15 cm. Amounts will decrease as you go northwards.

     Here in Winnipeg, the snowfall will begin by evening tomorrow and continue through until Monday afternoon. 10-15 cm is expected for the city.

     Strong north winds will be an issue with this system, sustained near 30 and gusts to 50 km/h. This will create some local drifting snow issues, but mainly on highways. As temperatures are expected to remain close to 0°C or just slightly below, roads will be extremely trecherous so please take caution out there. However, these milder temperatures will help prevent blizzard conditions somewhat.

GEM global model forecast of total precipitation accumulations Sunday and Monday. Note highest amounts to our south.

     Cold temperatures are expected to remain in place for the entire work week, and there is no sign of a major turn to warm temperatures in the near future. Might as well get used to it because it ain't changing anytime soon! Think of it this way: we're experiencing history in the making right now, and it is difficult for it to get any worse than this. It could definitely be a while before we see a spring quite this bad again.


  1. Snow depth down to 17 cm at my place this afternoon. Today actually ended up being one of the best melting days of the season so far with about 4 cm melted under the sunshine. Also reached about 4.5°C at my place this afternoon.

  2. Some models have trended a bit more southwards for the system with 5-10 cm for Winnipeg; not all have however.

    I wont be around to give too many updates tomorrow.

  3. Snow depth down to 14 cm now at my place. Some grassy spots popping up in the yard and also in fields close to my place.

    Snow depth still around 30 cm in Charleswood, which is the official measurement for Winnipeg. Also a depth of 30-40 cm reported in St. Boniface. Looks like it really depends on your yard, how shady it is and if you're a south facing home or north facing...

    All the way up to +7°C at my place this afternoon.

    Storm tonight and tomorrow looks to remain mainly to our south, but around 5 cm is possible in Winnipeg between overnight tonight and Monday afternoon. Heaviest amounts will be south and east of the city.

  4. My goodness, already 4-5 cm at my place as of 7 am. Might get as much as 10 cm at my place with this system if this continues coming down like it is right now.

  5. 8 cm at my place as of 1230 PM and still coming down. I'll try to get a snow-water equivalent later this afternoon; I just want to wait until the snow begins to taper off. We may get another 1-3 cm for the rest of today, locally higher possible under some heavier bands.

  6. Got a total accumulation of 8 cm of snowfall today at my place in south St. Vital before snow began generally melting on contact by noon.

    I also got a total liquid-equivalent (precipitation) of 7.9 mm up to 4:30 pm.. Just over 7 mm of that fell before 1 pm which gives a snow-water ratio of this morning's snowfall of about 11:1.

    Snow depth up to 19 cm at my place.

  7. Sorry in advance for the lack of updates in the next week. Exam period!
    I wont be able to make a statistical post about the cold weather right now; however I will redirect you to a post I find interesting on Rob's Blog, for anyone who hasn't read it:
    This spring is really one of the latest springs on record...

  8. Looks like the next system to watch is on Sunday/Monday. Models already hint at precipitation in our area, though not hugely significant at this point. Rain and snow would both be possible.

  9. The 2013 Canada severe thunderstorm season officially begins today with severe thunderstorm warnings now out for southwestern Ontario. Temperatures rising into the mid twenties down there today... Meanwhile here... :P

  10. Snow depth down to 8 cm now at my place this afternoon.. That of course is the average for my entire yard because a third of it is grass now (one pesky drift is at 45 cm deep still).