Friday, 18 December 2015

Top 10 Weather Events of 2015 Around Winnipeg - Poll

In anticipation of the top 10 weather events series for 2015, I have added a poll below for all of you to participate! What do you think were the top 3 weather events of 2015 around Winnipeg? Thank you for the taking the time to paricipate! In the past, I have used the results to decide the ordering of the events and this year could be the same. Feel free to use the ''other'' option if I missed an event you thought deserved to be on the list.

Next year (2016), I might expand this top 10 weather events series to all of southern Manitoba instead of just Winnipeg. This way, more of the big events (such as the July 27 southwestern Manitoba tornadoes) would be included. I have not decided for sure yet if I will do this. Let me know in the comments if this is something you would prefer as well.


  1. By the way, 2015 will be finishing in the top 10 warmest years on record since 1873 - most likely 8th to 10th warmest. If you think this is a top story of the year, feel free to add it to the ''other'' option!

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts... Either way, I will continue to post statistics posts. My goal never was to get the most views possible but simply do what I love to do (it's just a hobby). I've been doing these top 10 weather stories series every year since 2007. Someday I may do more of what I used to do on this blog. Right now, I've got too much going on to feel motivated enough. I do regret not being able to do more, but am optimistic that I will again in the future.