Friday, 20 July 2012

Thunderstorms Rumbled Last Night

Picture taken by BobLedoux
     Thunderstorms finally reached the Winnipeg area last night. They brought heavy rainfall along the north Perimeter, with up to 20 mm of rain reported in the Transcona area. Very little rain fell in other parts of the city however, with only a trace measured in parts of the south end. Unfortunately as a result, the drought conditions in the city.
     Lightning was probably the main show for the city last night, with frequent bolts of lightning across the sky and in the clouds.
     No hail was reported around Winnipeg, however nickel sized hail fell along the US border.

     As for the future, our next chance for some rain or thunderstorms will be tomorrow night and Sunday as another trough moves in. Elevated nocturnal storms will be possible in all of southern and central Manitoba overnight and early Sunday. Flooding rains and damaging winds will be the main threats, however most storms should remain non-severe. Storms will again be possible in the afternoon throughout the region. Some could be severe.

     It will also remain hot over the next couple days. Highs will be in the high twenties and close to 30 today and Saturday. Sunday looks like the hottest day, with highs in the low thirties and humidex values in the high thirties.

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