Sunday, 3 February 2013

More Snow

     Today will be mostly cloudy, calm and cold with highs just over -20°C. A clipper system that I mentioned yesterday will move over southeastern Saskatchewan and southwestern Manitoba today bringing a couple cm to Melita and Virden regions. We shouldn't see much, if anything at all in Winnipeg today.

     Another clipper system will move into the province tomorrow. This one will bring much of southern Manitoba some accumulating snow, along with strong winds. Snow is expected to begin near noon or early afternoon in Winnipeg; earlier the further west you go. The heaviest axis of snowfall is expected to move down from the northwest, affecting Swan River to Brandon to Gimli to Winnipeg, Morden and Sprague. As much as 4-7 cm will be possible by Tuesday morning in this heaviest axis of snowfall. Strong winds of around 30 km/h and gusting to 40 or 50 km/h will create drifting and blowing snow, especially in open areas. This will cause trecherous road conditions, and travel will be a challenge in some areas. The following is a map showing the snowfall accumulations expected by the GEM Regional model by midnight tomorrow. Add a cm or two to these amounts in southeastern Manitoba however, because we'll be seeing some snow until overnight in those areas.

     Another clipper system is expected for Wednesday. At this point, another 4-8 cm looks possible across southern Manitoba including Winnipeg.

     Temperatures throughout this week will be fairly reasonable for this time of year, especially the further west you go. The bubble of cold arctic air will slowly be retreating back up north, but it will be a slow progression. As a result, it will be much milder closer to the Saskatchewan border than in the Winnipeg area on some days this week. Winnipeg will likely remain quite seasonal with highs between -6°C and -15°C.

     No major cold outbreaks in the foreseeable future, which is good news if you do need a break from the cold. However, this does not mean we're done with the cold for the rest of the winter. Some models do show signs of getting cold again in about 2 weeks.


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  2. Main area of snow looks to move into southwestern Manitoba; just west and southwest of Winnipeg. I still think 3-5 cm is a good bet for Winnipeg, more like 5-8 cm out west. Light snow should begin in Winnipeg soon (within next 2 hours)

  3. Already 1.5 to 2 cm or so at my place as of 4:05 PM, so 3-5 cm total will be an easy shot. Snow will continue for most of the evening.

  4. Grand total of 4 cm at my place in south end for today, going well with the 3-5 cm forecast.
    We may see a few more flurries overnight, but the main area of snowfall is over and we shouldn't see much more.

  5. Still on track to get more snowfall tomorrow with another clipper. Right now, timing for Winnipeg will be for snowfall to begin early morning and continue until the evening rush hour or so. The heaviest axis of snowfall looks to fall further south than yesterday with heaviest amounts in southwestern Manitoba and anywhere south of the Trans Canada. 5-8 cm for this region, and 3-5 cm for Winnipeg is what I'm expecting.