Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Storm Totals

     A vigorous clipper system dumped impressive amounts of precipitation over the Prairies in the last couple days. Since Monday, 15-30 mm of rainfall has fallen over southeastern Manitoba, including Winnipeg. However areas on the colder side of the low received snowfall instead. As much as 40 cm of snow had fallen around the Riding Mountain area by Tuesday evening. Light snow had continued overnight adding to the totals. In addition, the system brought southern Manitoba its first thunderstorms of the season early Tuesday morning. Here is a map of storm totals up to Tuesday evening I compiled using data from Environment Canada. (Click to enlarge)

Green = rain totals and blue = snow totals
     A slushy cm of snow fell over Winnipeg overnight making for an unpleasant start to April... I mean May!

     Cold temperatures will remain today with highs struggling to exceed the freezing mark. There is even the potential we may break a low maximum record today. The old record is 0.2°C back in 2011.

     This cold weather will continue until Friday when a moderating trend is expected by the weekend. However, indications are this warmup will be short-lived, similar to last weekend.

     My April summary will be up late this afternoon or early evening.

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