Saturday, 20 July 2013


     Low dewpoints along with mostly clear skies and light winds allowed for a rapid temperature drop overnight. The airport dropped to about 6 or 7°C, making it the coldest night since June 5. Some suburbs dropped to 8°C and the downtown area dropped closer to 11°C.

     The coldest temperatures were in the Interlake. Here's some lows from a few select communities in southern Manitoba this morning from Manitoba Agriculture:

Arborg 3°C
Eriksdale 3°C
Grandview 4°C
Treherne 5°C
St. Pierre Jolys 5°C
Dugald 6°C
Steinbach 6°C
Minnedosa 6°C

      It's cold enough that there's even a band of lake-effect cloud off Lake Winnipeg:

     Daytime highs will only be near 20°C today. Normal high is 26°C and normal low 13°C.


  1. It could be yet another dangerous day in southwestern Manitoba. I will be watching the situation closely today and will issue moderate risks of severe storms later if everything starts coming together. All severe modes are possible today; including large hail, damaging winds, flooding rains and the possibility of a tornado.

    Looks like the storms could reach the RRV earlier than I expected yesterday; in the evening rather than overnight. However, it is possible that the worst could miss us to our south due to the possible more ESE/SE movement... will have to monitor.

  2. There will 2 waves of storm potential today. First is remnance of the storms in Saskatchewan which will move into Manitoba soon. Could get some showers with some rumbles later today with that.

    Then severe storms form in SE Sask this afternoon and move into Manitoba afterwards.