Sunday, 7 July 2013

Recap of Last Night's Storms - More Rain And Storms Possible Monday Night

     Unfortunately for Winnipeg, the line of storms last night split right before hitting the city. As a result, only a trace of rainfall fell in Winnipeg with the storms between 2 and 3 am. However, you did not have to go far to find higher amounts. 10.6 mm fell in Morris, 19.6 mm in Woodlands and about 7 mm fell in Portage according to Manitoba Agriculture.

     However, the storms sure produced a magnificent light show with very frequent lightning, including some ''anvil crawlers'' and cloud-to-ground strikes.

     I took some video of the lightning west of Winnipeg and made a quick video of 2 individual strikes which you can watch below. I apologize for the low-quality; my camera takes great video in the day, but is less capable of taking video at night. Hopefully, some day I'll have a better camera.

     Now, our next chance for storms will start tomorrow. Strong to severe storms are expected in extreme southern Saskatchewan and in southwestern Manitoba tomorrow afternoon and evening. Tornadoes will be possible with any discrete cells in the early stages of development. These storms are expected to march eastward and reach the RRV either late in the evening or in the overnight and the rains might last into the morning hours. The main risk with these will be the heavy rains with a smaller risk of hail and strong winds. The most severe part of the system is expected to remain along or south of the US border where instability and mid-level winds are expected to be highest. However, as is always the case with thunderstorm predictions, there is still some uncertainty on location therefore be sure to check the thundercast tomorrow for updates. Heaviest hit areas could receive as much as 50 mm of rainfall.

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You can also check @lovestormsmb 's twitter photos for some pictures of the lightning last night


  1. Looks like a pretty decent severe weather risk for tomorrow night. For the most part these storms should be more widespread given they will be triggered by a fairly intense low pressure system over Montana and will likely continue through the night.

  2. JJ,
    Will there be a risk of an MCS tonight?

    1. Every single model I look at shows an MCS tonight. So that's quite certain.

      The question is just where will it move and how strong will it be. Right now I think the most severe part will stay either along the border or just south of the border. That would give Winnipeg showers with possibly embedded thunderstorms. But it's a little early for exact location forecasts.

      And for timing, it should reach the RRV by overnight, unless things change.

  3. JJ,
    I have been tried to get to your blog for the past hour every time i click on it in my bookmarks bar it says your blog been removed in till now. Do you at all know why it was saying that?

    1. I was having problems with my google account but it is fixed now. Sorry about that :(

  4. Not expecting too much severe activity tonight in southern Manitoba, but showers with embedded thunderstorms are expected to begin overnight and will likely last into the morning.

    1. Got a decent storm near Morris at the moment. Could be dumping some large hail.

    2. Watches issued, including Winnipeg. Some isolated severe storms possible over the next few hours.

    3. Everything just missed Winnipeg as usual. Didn't have to go far to find higher rainfall amounts again.

    4. Rainfall totals as of 10 am (includes yesterday and today):

      Altona 28.4 mm
      St. Pierre 13.6 mm
      Morris 13.1 mm
      Steinbach 11.4 mm
      Letellier 9.8 mm
      Dugald 8.8 mm
      Lorette 7.9 mm

      (Courtesy of Manitoba Agriculture)

      And in Winnipeg:
      Richmond West 0.8 mm
      River Park South 0.5 mm
      Island Lakes 0.5 mm
      Charleswood trace mm