Saturday, 11 July 2015

Seasonal June Overall; Late Start to Thunderstorm Season this Year

June 2015 was fairly normal in terms of temperature, finishing only half a degree above normal. Although rain was frequent, June still finished drier than normal with only 65.2 mm of rain, 73% of normal.

The first thunderstorm of the year at the airport occurred on June 7. This was the 3rd latest start to the thunderstorm season on record since 1953. This follows a 2nd latest start (June 10) just two years ago.

Top 5 latest starts to the thunderstorm season at Winnipeg airport since 1953:
1. June 28 (1958)
2. June 10 (2013)
3. June 7 (2015)
4/5. June 3 (1992 and 1995)

Once the storm season finally began, it remained reasonably active. There were 6 thunderstorm days in total in June, which is bang on normal. However, with a late start to the season we are running below the normal of 11 days for the year up to June.

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  1. Record high dewpoints look possible in southern Manitoba today, including Winnipeg. Dewpoints may reach 24-25°C later in the afternoon and evening. Old dewpoint record for today is 23.9°C in 1955. Heat warnings have been issued with humidex values expected to reach the low 40's.