Sunday, 22 April 2012


     There will be a mix of sun and cloud today over the city. Expect highs around 17 or 18°C, a few degrees above normal.

     Tomorrow will be a similar day for temperatures with highs expected to be around 18°C. A problem with tomorrow is cloud cover. With the warm front being just to our north, we are expecting cloudy skies in the morning, with a mix of sun and cloud in the afternoon. Showers will be possible associated with the front, although most of the rain should remain in the Interlake and to our east with a few mm possible in those regions. Areas to the northwest of the city could hear a rumble of thunder as well, though the risk is small since an llj is almost non-existant.

     Tuesday is another complicated day. Too much cloud could limit highs, as well some models keep us with a east or northeast wind, north of the warm front. Most models are showing highs in the mid twenties, although personally I am leaning towards more of a high of around 21°C for the city. A few showers may be possible as well, though most of us likely wont even see a drop. I don't expect much in the way of thunderstorms thanks to lack of a trigger (llj/cold front).

     Keep in mind that Tuesday's forecast is uncertain, therefore I will be giving updates when available.

     Temperatures will be much warmer in Saskatchewan and Alberta, where they are right under the ridge with plenty of sunshine. Temperatures in the mid to high twenties are expected in major cities such as Calgary, Saskatoon and Regina for a couple days. Some 'desert' regions as I call them, such as Medicine Hat, Maple Creek and Swift Current could crack 30°C tomorrow!


  1. Meanwhile a snowstorm threatens Ontario (including higher terrain of southern Ontario) and Québec tonight through to Tuesday.

    Here in Winnipeg, we have not seen accumulating snow since early March, more than a month ago. We've been lucky this spring, being one of the only areas in the country which has not seen snow on the ground this spring.

  2. It's a little late, but Environment Canada finally has the full hourly data for March 19 last month. My point? Well I can finally see what was the exact humidex that day.
    We officially had a humidex of 28.0 that day, which obliterates the old all-time March high humidex of 18.8 in 1967.

    So hard to believe we experienced that in mid March! Our 20°C over the next few days seems a tad cool compared to what we had! Any touch of humidity in March is rare; I mean even for April it would be rare. I think it's safe to say the March heat will be my number one weather event of the year in my top 10 weather events of 2012 around New Year's. It's almost impossible to beat what we had last month...

  3. Edge of the cloud deck is just to our west now (as of 11 AM). Although, since the cloud is moving NW to SE, it is a bit of a fool as we will have to wait perhaps up to another hour until it fully clears giving way to either mainly sunny skies or a mix of sun and cloud for this afternoon. Looking lovely, with highs around 19 or 20°C. Similar story tomorrow as well with highs around 20°C expected for the city, along with a mix of sun and cloud. If we manage to get more sunshine, highs around 23°C would be possible.

  4. 20C at the airport as of 3 pm, and 21.2°C at my place right now. Dazzling day out there with pretty much the best today could have been in terms of sunshine.

    Not anywhere close to record breaking here with old records in the low thirties these days. It is record breaking in parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta though.

    Hot spots so far today:

    Manitoba >>> Melita and Morden 23.0°C
    Saskatchewan >>> Coronach 28.6°C
    Alberta >>> Bow Island 29.3°C

    Those high temperatures are just as of 3 pm CDT. I suspect there will be a 30°C or two somewhere out west by late this afternoon.

  5. 2 records were broken in Manitoba today; Melita at 25.9°C and Gretna at 24.5°C. Keep in mind though that those two towns have limited records, with Melita for instance, only having records since 1993. Those areas have most certainly been warmer than that. Winnipeg's old record today was 31.1°C in 1990, which that year isn't even in Melita's records...

    More impressive records were broken out west. Here's some hotspots, and all of these were new records:

    Saskatchewan ---
    >> Maple Creek 29.5°C
    >> Assiniboia 28.3°C
    >> Swift Current 27.6°C
    >> Moose Jaw 27.5°C

    Alberta ---
    >> Medicine Hat 31.1°C
    >> Vauxhall 30.5°C
    >> Brooks 30.4°C
    >> Drumheller 29.8°C

    Medicine Hat broke a 92 year old record! What a scorcher!

    Also of note, areas in the south/southwest United States have been and will be breaking all-time April high temperatures. Phoenix reached 105°F (40.6°C)yesterday tying its all-time April high.

    Oklahoma and Texas will be feeling the heat with highs expected to reach the high thirties Wednesday, which will threaten all-time April highs there as well.

    Ouch! :P

  6. Another dazzling day on tap with a mix of sun and cloud and highs in the low to mid twenties in the RRV. It will be a little breezy though, but it's a small price to pay for this warmth and sunshine!
    There's a very small chance of a thunderstorm or two in southwestern Manitoba this evening, which would move east into southeast Manitoba late evening and overnight. I don't expect much in terms of storms, but scattered showers will definitely be possible at minimum, which is all due to a cold front moving south. Minimal instability, moisture and llj will likely all prevent much storms activity unfortunately.

    Cooler tomorrow with a blustery north wind gusting to at least 50 km/h in the afternoon, which will likely cause the temperatures to either stall or fall throughout much of day tomorrow.

    Enjoy the last day of this warm spell!

  7. A few cells developping in southwestern Manitoba at the moment, though they are quite unimpressive with no lightning seen yet. There's still a risk of some thunder and showers throughout southern Manitoba tonight, though the risk for any given spot is low.

    Doesn't appear as though any records were broken today in Manitoba as Environment Canada has not issued any special weather statements regarding records. Melita hit 27°C though; not too shabby! About 20°C here in the city, with 21.6°C at my place.

  8. There were a few lightning strikes along the border near Killarney and Morden after midnight, but it doesn't look like it was very significant.

    We will be missing a rather potent rainstorm which will be affecting parts of Saskatchewan and Alberta, and especially south of the border. Some areas along the Sask-Alberta border and along the International Border could see up to 50 mm of rain over the next few days as the system doesn't budge much at all. High pressure will be preventing it from moving east into Manitoba, so lucky us, we will be protected this time with some seasonal temperatures for the rest of the week after a cool Thursday.

    I've got some good news as well. Many of the models are showing a warm first 2 weeks of May, so that's something to look foreward to. May starts next Tuesday already.. Hopefully that idea of warmth sticks around

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