Saturday, 29 June 2013

Summer Heat Begins

     High pressure will be keeping us generally sunny for the next several days. Hotter temperatures will also be building in.

     For this weekend, expect lots of sunshine with highs in the high 20's and lows in the low to mid teens. There will be an isolated chance for showers in southwestern Manitoba today, but other than that this weekend looks quite dry.

     Heat will continue to build next week with a few days cracking 30°C, especially by the end of the week. Thankfully, humidity levels are expected to remain low to moderate until the weekend. If that changes I'll let you know.

     There will be a small risk for a shower or storm on Tuesday, but other than that there isn't a good risk for precipitation until at least Friday. Until then, enjoy the summer weather while we have it!

   **A reminder that I invite everyone to participate in my current weather poll... What's your prediction for July in Winnipeg?  This poll closes Wednesday July 3... in other words votes cast past that date wont be counted. Thank you for participating!


  1. Scratch the storm risk for Tuesday. Based on current indications, we'll have to wait until at MINIMUM Thursday night for any kind of storm activity here in the Winnipeg area.

  2. That haze out there today is from the fires up north.

  3. Yeah, definately not a good week ahead for storm lovers until the end of the week. And even then, not really impressed on dynamics for storms Thursday night/Friday. Certainly not a good severe weather setup right now. But, the heat certainly won't be in doubt this week. Gonna a hot and relatively comfortable week. It's about time we get some real summer weather around here.