Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cold Night but Milder Temperatures Coming

     Light winds along with patches of clear sky overnight and early this morning allowed  temperatures to plummet across southern Manitoba into the low to mid minus teens. Wasagaming and Brandon were the coldest, reaching as low as -15.9°C in Wasagaming! This morning's values were not record breaking, however they were a good 10 degrees below normal in some cases.

Wasagaming -15.9°C
Brandon -14.5°C
Roblin -14.0°C
Sprague -13.8°C
Emerson -12.1°C
Winnipeg South St Vital -11.7°C
Morden -11.6°C
Winnipeg Charleswood -10.9°C
Winnipeg A -10.7°C
Melita -9.5°C
Portage -8.6°C

     Things will warm up starting tomorrow with highs in the mid single digits for the next few days, above zero this time!

     There have been hints at a more organised storm system for southern Manitoba in the Sunday-Monday timeframe next week, however there remains some uncertainty. Models have shifted a bit further north in latest runs. If you do no want winter, this may be good news if the trend continues.


  1. Winnipeg forecast will be updated in the next hour or two as things get back to normal around here. Daily early morning updates resume tomorrow.

  2. Well this isn't good...models are now trending back towards giving us our first significant snowfall Sunday night into Monday. Let's hope this changes but that is what today's model runs indicate so we'll see if further runs stay consistent with this. For those of us that are not ready winter just yet not that we are ever ready for winter, let's cross our fingers and hope the models are wrong on this one.

    1. Ha ha thats funny, last almost of our significant snowfalls where sunday into monday.

  3. I'm not quite buying into the idea of a snowstorm for Winnipeg just yet. Still lots of flip flopping in model land at the moment. And it looks likely we may end up on the warmer side of the system which will favour rain over snow.. Of course, this depends on if the current track expected actually occurs. We may get some wet snow on the backside of the system but not huge accumulations... But we'll see how it evolves, those are my thoughts for the time being.

  4. Wow already down to -3°C at the airport at 8pm, temps falling like a rock there. Not as bad inside the city, generally above zero still in most cases.

    1. Should have seen it coming though, with these clear skies and that light northwest breeze, usually prime conditions for a very cold airport.