Saturday, 23 November 2013

Coldest November Night Since 1996

     With a low of -26.8°C this morning at Winnipeg airport, it was the coldest November night since November 26, 1996 when we dipped to -27.9°C. This also means we have 2 winners in the poll I made yesterday. There were 2 votes for a low of -25.0°C to -26.9°C and 2 votes for -24.0°C to -25.9°C. Congrats to you two.

     Official lows from this morning across southern Manitoba:

The Pas -32.5°C (record, 47 years old)
Shoal Lake -31.0°C
Roblin -30.7°C
Brandon -29.4°C
Pilot Mound -29.2°C
Melita -28.0°C (record, 10 years old)
Winnipeg -26.8°C
Emerson -26.4°C
Portage -25.0°C
Morden -24.9°C

     Lows this morning in Saskatchewan:

Prince Alberta -35.8°C
Nipawin -35.1°C (record, 28 years old)
La Ronge -33.9°C
Broadview -32.4°C (record, 62 years old)
Weyburn -30.9°C (record, 28 years old)
Moose Jaw -30.1°C

Prince Albert did not break a record because the old record was -45.0°C in 1884!


  1. Hello JJ,
    Would you know of a good site to view the long term EURO model?

    Thank you,

    1. These are all the sources of european models that I know:!MSLP!North%20America!0!pop!od!enfo!plot_ensm_essential!2011103112!!/

  2. Hi JJ,
    I love your blog! I will be commenting every so often on your blog. I also comment on robs blog.

    1. Hi there Jeff,
      Glad you like it, and I'm looking foreward to seeing you comment once and a while :)

  3. Early indications are not looking particularly encouraging for the first half of December. All I'll say for now is that it's looking quite cold at this time. Here's hoping it doesn't end up that bad!