Sunday, 15 December 2013

Coldest December Night in 40 Years

     With a low of -37.3°C at Winnipeg airport this morning, it was the coldest temperature recorded in December in Winnipeg since 1973 when we reached -37.8°C on Dec 31.

     We also broke the old record low of -37.2°C for today, previously set in 1879, 134 years ago!

     It was also the coldest temperature for so early in the season since 1893 when we reached -39.4°C on Dec 10.

     The coldest temperatures this morning were actually in the Interlake, and then also in northern Manitoba. Thompson dropped to -42.7°C while many localities in the Interlake, including Gimli and Fisher Branch, dropped to between -38 and -40°C.

     Here's a summary of lows and records broken this morning (areas that broke records are in bold):

Low Dec 15, 2013
Old record
Records since
-42.6°C (1983)
Fisher Branch
-33.5°C (1979)
-34.4°C (1919)
1915-1950 & 1964-present
-37.8°C (1917)
-32.5°C (1991)

     Gimli dropped to -39.2°C.

      A big warmup is to come tomorrow after rising temperatures tonight. Highs in the mid to high minus single digits are expected.


  1. About the system mid-late week, consensus at this time is that the worst will remain to our south and east. Some light snow will be possible on Wednesday nonetheless.

  2. I only picked up 2.1 cm here in south St Vital with this system. Now the sun is out and time to enjoy the nice temperatures!

  3. Another 1.7 cm at my place overnight. Other reports in the city include 2.3 cm in Norwood, 2 cm in Charleswood.

  4. JJ, are there any signs of a more sustained warmup in the long range let's say after Christmas?

    Thanks Anon

  5. Don't really see any prolonged above normal weather in the next couple week at this time. There will be brief warmups, similar to yesterday, here and there, but they should remain brief.

    On the bright side, the next cool down does not look as significant as previously forecast. The bulk of the cold is now expected to remain in northern Manitoba.

  6. Great blog, Julien!

  7. Forecast has been updated.. things getting back to normal around here and daily updates will resume for now (I say for now because I will be taking a break from things around Christmas).

    We'll see some snow build in later this afternoon with a few cm possible by this evening. Caution on highways due to blowing and drifting snow as winds pick up.

  8. It's coming down pretty hard now and radar indicates this spot of moderate-heavy snow has just developed! Maybe it will end up the band in south-eastern saskatchewan earlier today!

  9. Based on my progress, Canada 2013 t-storm summary likely to be posted either tomorrow evening or Saturday.