Monday, 23 December 2013

Stormy Start to Christmas Eve; Cold Continues

     Snow and blowing snow is still expected across southern Manitoba overnight tonight and tomorrow morning. A general 1-5 cm can be expected. Strong south winds will create dangerous highway conditions tomorrow morning. However, winds will lighten up in the afternoon and snow will have tapered off. As a result, if you must travel tomorrow, the later you do the better!

     The system will usher in some warmer air, but it will only warm to near normal in the high minus teens. This can be partly blamed on the southerly component of the wind funnelling up the valley, not very conducive to drastic warmups, especially this time of year.

     Colder air will be ushered in behind the system for Christmas Wednesday with temperatures hovering near or just above -20°C. Some flurries will be possible, especially in the morning.

     Seasonably chilly conditions will be the story late week, before our next chance for snow late Friday into Saturday associated with a stronger clipper system. It is too early to call for specific amounts, but 5-10 cm in some areas is possible. It is too early to say if Winnipeg will get into these amounts. Keep in touch with Rob's Blog and A Weather Moment for updates on the system as I will taking a break this week.

     At this point, a strong push of very cold air is expected behind that system with a return to very frigid conditions next week.

     If you have not already, remember to vote in the top weather stories of 2013 poll! Top 10 weather stories of 2013 will come beginning December 30.

     Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best in 2014!


  1. That south wind is really howling out there, gotta a 5.5 inch drift in my backyard, and that drift is just from the snow this morning! Pretty impressive considering we only got about 2 CM.
    Very hard to measure with all the drifts, in some spots theres no snow all!

  2. Hi JJ,
    I was voting in the top weather events of 2013 poll today, and by mistake I only chose one (record breaking heat september 6th) before clicking on vote.Could please note that the other one I thought was 2nd most impressive was the stationary thunderstorm on june 20th.
    Thanks and a happy new year,

    1. Thanks for taking the time to participate Jeff. Happy new year to you and your family as well.

  3. I'm sorry to see the spammers had nothing better to do during the holidays. I had a great week - disconnected from the internet -. We were going to come back yesterday but ended up coming today due to the blizzard conditions. Hope that all of you had a great time with friends and family as well.

    Sorry for the lack of updates, especially with the blizzard conditions yesterday. Things will be getting back to normal around here.

  4. Comment via Don, posted in the top 10 tab:
    '' This year the t storms have definitely tanked. This summary graph was included in NWS Chanhassen top 10 weather events.
    Don ''
    I'll be taking the comment section off of that page; I had forgotten I had one there.

  5. This is turning out to be quite the winter to say the least. Max drift depth already 55-60 cm at my place, a depth not achieved until late January last winter with just under 30 cm depth this time last year. Snow depth about 31-32 cm today, about 10 cm more than this time last year... due to drifting.

    By this time last year, I had received 67.8 cm of snowfall since November 1. This year 64.3 cm.

    December stats will come in the top 10 series.

  6. Awfully frigid week ahead with some record lows possible. We will likely get close to a record low on Tuesday morning with forecast lows between -36°C to -39°C or so. Old record is -38.3°C all the way back in 1884. This is becoming the winter of our nightmares.

  7. We will also have a shot at breaking a record low maximum today. Only -33°C at 11 am, and I don't think we'll warm much more. Old record low max is -28.3°C all the way back in 1898. When we're breaking all these records from the 1800's... you know we're really in an unusual bout of cold weather.