Monday, 27 January 2014

Awfully Cold Today; No Light at The End of The Tunnel

     We will struggle to rise much today with highs only reaching the mid -20's. This combined with winds of 20-30 km/h will produce awful wind chills today! Tomorrow wont be much better, albeit a tad milder but that will hard to notice.

     We warm up to potentially the minus single digits on Wednesday... only to be smacked by another cold front later in the day with strong northwest winds and plummeting temperatures. Some light snow is possible on Wednesday, but significant accumulations, if any, are not expected.

     Unfortunately, there is NO light at the end of the tunnel right now. Long range models have locked into a never-ending cold spell lasting well into February. Probabilities of below normal temperatures have reached nearly 100% as seen in the NAEFS model image below. We haven't seen this much confidence since December.


  1. A few little minor updates have been made: Some new weather icons have been created for the Winnipeg forecast; not all the old ones were replaced, but a few have been.
    Thundercast has a new fresh map and colours (however you wont see until thunderstorm season). I will make a new, clearer guide to the different risks sometime before thunderstorm season.

    Thankfully I suppose, no major snowfalls are expected for the next week which will give us a break from shoveling! Cold weather still looking to persist for awhile.

  2. Well this isn't very encouraging but there are indications of a stratospheric warming event occuring from Greenland towards the pole in about 10 days...If this happens that will likely lead to some sort of blocking pattern and a -nao later in February and guess what that means for us..cold cold and more cold. Beginning to look like a possible repeat of 2013 for March and April. Yikes.