Monday, 6 January 2014

Coldest Day in a Decade

     With a low of -38.0°C yesterday morning at Winnipeg airport, it was the coldest temperature recorded since February 2007 when we reached -41.7°C on February 5.

     In addition, the high yesterday was a measly -30.2°C, the coldest daytime high since January 30, 2004 when we only reached -30.8°C. Yesterday's high also broke a record low maximum for the day, breaking the old record of over 100 years of -30.0°C in 1912.

     Other lows across southern Manitoba yesterday morning included:

Sprague -41.8°C
McCreary -37.9°C
Beausejour -37.3°C (Mb ag station)
Minnedosa -36.7°C (Mb ag station)

     A minimum wind chill value of -50.7 was also recorded at Winnipeg airport yesterday morning.

     We will barely exceed -30°C today as the cold snap holds for another few days. The warmup begins Wednesday night with a strong southerly flow and rising temperatures. We will likely see some days in the minus single digits later in the week. Wont that feel nice!


  1. Hard to believe, but it's just as cold in Windsor as it is here tonight. As of 7 pm:
    Winnipeg -26°C with wind chill -36
    Windsor -24°C with wind chill -39

    Windsor has already smashed its old record low of -20.0°C set all the way back in 1875 for today! Records go back to 1868.

    1. Amazingly, got down to -14°C in Atlanta, Georgia this morning, easily breaking its old record low of -12°C in 1970. Just goes to show how extreme this cold snap has become in its extent!

  2. It looks like yet another strong Alberta Clipper is threatening more snow for us Saturday night into Sunday.

    1. Models do advertise a strong clipper system Sunday. So far it looks like the system may be too far north for us to get a decent snowstorm. In fact, being in the ''warm'' sector of the system we could see a period of freezing rain or ice pellets IF precipitation is even occurring. Note that sunny forecast by EC for Sunday may be a little too sunny to be true.