Sunday, 2 February 2014

''Boring'' Week Ahead

     A rather boring week is ahead with generally below normal temperatures and dry conditions. Other than perhaps a few flurries at times, no major systems and accumulations of snow are expected for the next 7 days. Sunshine will dominate for the majority of the time.

     Although below normal temperatures will prevail this week, I'd call the cold ''tolerable''. It doesn't look like we'll be talking about the kind of cold we've seen in early January and in December. Highs are expected to be in the minus teens to near -20°C on the coldest days. There may be a night or two near -30°C, but even the -30's aren't looking very likely. Best chance will be Tuesday morning.


  1. Once again you may thank the unexpected cloudy skies for the warmer start today! Just like yesterday! Would NOT be surprised if it's the same story tomorrow.

  2. Haven't said this too often this winter but there is some good news...there continues to be signs of warmer weather around mid month and into the 2nd half of the month. But with good news there's always bad news in which it looks like the cold weather will return at month's end going into March thanks to a blocking pattern somewhere up around Greenland due a major stratospheric warming event which will take place in about week over the pole.

  3. Some hints of some snow by this time next week... but still too far off to guarantee. Other than that, chilly temperatures continue for a while with no good snow accumulations expected.

    Notice I have taken away the current weather news segment on the right side of this blog. I'll be updating in the comments here instead.

  4. Looking like a frigid weekend and start to the next week with lows near or below -30°C and highs around -20°C. Winds don't look particularly strong, but of course at those temperatures it doesn't take much.

  5. It has become obvious that the spamming among blogs has been for the majority thanks to one person. I have enabled comment moderation permanently because this person's comments are disruptive and offensive. I apologize to ahve to do this because of one person. I will do my best to allow comments through as fast as I can; I almost always have access to email so I should be able to validate comments quickly usually.

    1. I do plan to take moderation away during big storm events in the summer however if the need is there.