Saturday, 1 March 2014

Coldest February in 35 Years

     With an average mean temperature of -20.0°C, February 2014 goes down as the 21st coldest on record since 1872 in Winnipeg. However, even more impressive, it was the coldest since 1979 and 8th coldest in the last century. If you are under the age of 35 and never lived outside of Winnipeg, this was the coldest February you've ever experienced!

     For most of the month, the story was not how extreme the cold was, but rather its length. 24 days saw temperatures below -20°C, almost the entire month! This is the most -20°C days in February since 1949 when there were also 24 such days, and tied 13th most since 1872. The following table quickly summarizes temperatures this February:

February 2014
Rank (since 1872)
Most/least since…
1981-2010 normal
Days below -30°C
6 days
53rd most (tied)
2008 (7 days)
4 days
Days below -20°C
24 days
13th most (tied)
1949 (24 days)
14 days
Days above -10°C
5 days
6th least (tied)
1939 (4 days)
17 days

     Of course, snow pack is just another issue this winter. We will be entering into March this year with a snow depth of 47 cm in Winnipeg, which is the 6th deepest snow pack entering into March since 1955.

Table: Top 6 deepest snow packs entering into March since 1955

Snow depth on March 1
80 cm
61 cm
61 cm
55 cm
49 cm
47 cm

     Thanks for reading! Winter statistics to come midday or afternoon on Saturday. Stay tuned!


  1. Low at Winnipeg airport as of 8 am is -37.0°C!

    Old record low is -37.8°C so we're darn close!

  2. There is still the potential that we may come very close to an all-time March low maximum record today with a high of around -26 or -27°C. Wouldn't that be something to break the all-time March maximum in 2012 then just two years later the all-time lowest daily maximum! Winds are also a tad breezy today around 20 km/h.

    Of note, it appears as though we broke an all-time March wind chill record this morning... need to confirm this though.

    Below normal temperatures expected to continue for at least another week before, as anonymous pointed out yesterday, there are signs of a warmup sometime around March 10. However, I still question how long this warmup would last. Thankfully, no significant snowfalls under my radar just yet. There may be a clipper midweek coming up, but it doesn't look particularly strong at this point.

    By the way, I'm starting my Winnipeg forecast evaluation today (see how accurate it is and how it compares to other forecasts), and plan to do it for an entire year. However, I may give monthly results at the end of every month.

  3. As cold as -42 in wasagaming mb. So maybe now our low of -37 dose notbseem so bad. Also colder in Saskatchewan with -38 in regina. So unlike some other cold spels, we did'nt get the worst of this one.

    1. Official low of -42.8°C in Wasagaming overnight. -38.8°C in Regina. Will have a map later today along with the winter summary.

  4. Would this then be referred to as the lowest Chilliest and-mean(est)March day since?