Saturday, 10 January 2015

Warming Up a Bit

After a generally miserable 2 weeks (if you dislike the extreme cold), things look to warm up a bit next week. First, we just have to get through a couple more days of much colder than normal conditions.

For today, we will struggle to exceed -20°C under sunny skies. Winds will be light. Very similar tomorrow.

A core of frigid arctic air moves over tomorrow night into early Monday. Lows in the -30's are likely Monday morning as a consequence. Despite a southerly wind developing in the afternoon, we will once again barely exceed -20°C. Things warm up slightly for mid week, likely only bringing us closer to normal values. After one last push of colder air Thursday, it looks like we might see more significant warming for next weekend. The Canadian and European models both hint at temperatures getting close to the freezing mark. I don't expect this warmup to last extremely long. There are hints of cooling down again late January.

As for snowfall, no significant systems are expected for the next couple weeks right now. A few weak clippers may bring some light snow at times, but nothing major. There could be a bit of snow on Thursday for instance.

I apologize for the lack of updates, but my focus until spring will be on my studies. Updates will be posted here and there over the next couple months. This blog should become more active again in the warmer months. Monthly summaries will continue to be posted as per usual.


  1. Update... One last frigid day today. Significant warmup begins tomorrow with temperatures possibly rising all the way up to -2°C to -4°C by tomorrow evening. Thankfully, the push of colder air I had previously mentioned for Thursday doesn't look like much at all anymore. The core of the cold will remain to our north and east and it will just skim us Thursday night. The remainder of the week, weekend and next week just look variable. Predominently near to above normal temperatures with brief pushes of cold air.

    As for snow, there could be some light flurries tomorrow afternoon as the warm air moves in, but not expecting major accumulations. Possibly 1-2 cm. Several other opportunities for light snow through to next week. Too early to be specific on times and amounts.

    1. Brief band of heavy snow has pushed out with just some leftover flurries. Looks like we'll reach our high this evening... then temperatures fall tomorrow as that push of colder air already mentioned moves in. Warming back up for Friday and Saturday.