Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fabulous Weekend; Warmth Continues

Fabulous conditions this weekend! Nothing but sunshine for both today and tomorrow with just a light breeze. Temperatures will reach mid teens today (15-17°C) and high teens tomorrow (18-19°C). Enjoy this great last weekend of April!

Cloudier skies return for a day on Monday as a weak system moves in. Some showers will be possible with only light accumulations likely. We should manage to reach at least low teens; mid teens if we get some breaks in the cloud.

Sunny skies return for Tuesday with highs in the mid to high teens.

At this point, the remainder of the week looks very warm with highs in the 20's likely on some or all of the days. Early indications say the warmth will continue next weekend as well, but that's still pretty far off to say for sure. Nonetheless, an extended period of temperatures reaching the 20's looks possible. This will make for a wonderful start to May across southern Manitoba.


  1. Saskatoon's weekend = ouch! Narrow area of heavy snow expected in the Saskatoon area today and tonight with 15+ cm forecast by Environment Canada.

  2. Very nice week ahead as mentioned already... 22-24°C likely tomorrow and Thursday. Likely hitting 20°C again on Friday and possibly even Saturday again as well.

  3. Hi JJ, I have created a graph that shows Thunderstorm frequency in Winnipeg per number of hours during an El Nino Year. I thought you might be interested in it given our thunderstorm season isn't that far away. Here is the link...

  4. JJ, what does May look like for us? I know it will start on the warm side but are we looking at warmer than normal May perhaps?

    Thanks, Anon

    1. I don't like making forecasts that far out as I've mentioned before, but my best guess is that there's a better chance this coming May will finish near or above normal than below normal.

  5. Wow, what warmth the last couple days! Saturday looks to be the height of the warmth with temperatures getting quite close to 30°C (high 20's).

  6. Just had a look at some of the latest guidance and it looks like there is a risk for thunderstorms late Saturday. Interesting. One thing's for sure Saturday looks well, hot. Very close to 30C perhaps.