Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Significant Snow Storm Tapering Off Slowly

Steinbach this morning (From 'Sarah'). I don't
take any credit for this photo
     Well, winter seems to have arrived! It looks like a winter wonderland out there today.

     My snowfall forecast map ended up pretty accurate, except that amounts were even more narrow than expected. Careful shoveling out there today, it's heart-attack type snow! Very wet and very heavy.

     Here are some unofficial snowfall amounts from environment canada as of 8 AM this morning. I'm guessing they will likely give final totals later this afternoon or evening.

Snowfall as of 8 AM

Steinbach      18 cm (As of 10 AM) (courtesy of Scott from A Weather Moment blog)
Oakbank       12 cm
Pinawa          11 cm
Beausejour    10-15 cm

Far west end              1-2 cm
Charleswood             1.4 cm  (Courtesy of Rob from Rob's Blog)
East/south end           6-8 cm
St. Boniface               4 cm  (Courtesy of Brad from AWM)
My yard-south end     7 cm

Radar estimate of precip. amounts past 24 hours (as of noon)
      In the radar image above, generally you can say 10 mm = 10 cm for simplicity. Although, of course higher amounts were measured in some areas, the radar isn't 100% accurate. The image gives a good idea of how sharp the snowfall was. Little to no snow in areas as close as Elie, while closer to 10 cm in south Winnipeg. Winnipeg ended up really being the dividing line overnight.

     Today, snowfall is more widespread, and has already begun to taper off slowly. We likely wont be done with these flurries until tonight. It will be unsettled over the next few days, with chances of snow each day until the weekend.



  1. Got about 8.5 cm of snow here at my place in south end so far (as of 1 pm). Just took 10 new measurements in my yard to get that number.

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  3. Final storm total about 9 cm at my place. I'll be posting a brief summary of the storm totals this evening.