Friday, 3 February 2012

Fog in the Valley

     The skies just didn't quite clear as expected in the city today.

     Although, clearing was not far away. Regions as close as the western RRV cleared nicely today, which gave way to very warm temperatures. +5 in Portage , +6 in Morden and +7 in McCreary where it is sunny! The fog was able to clear out in those areas thanks to a westerly wind which dried things out.

Emerson late this afternoon

     Here in the bottom of the RRV, only got to -4 C in WPG, and the fog has just stayed put all afternoon locally. And locally is the key word, as the sun has showed in areas as close as Gimli, Steinbach and Emerson. The wind here has stayed southerly, not ideal for drying.

     Fog will likely rethicken again tonight, which will mark the 4th night in a row of dense fog and hoar frost... Fog should begin to clear tomorrow as winds begin to shift a little more westerly, although we'll have to wait and see.

Fog this morning in WPG. You can normally
see an open field in the background.
     Sunday will likely be the nicest day of the weekend. With winds picking up from the south west, the fog will be gone, allowing for very warm temperatures. The potential is there for temperatures of 2 to 4 C above zero if skies clear out as planned. Some areas, especially in the western RRV could get even warmer than that. Highs between 6 and 8 C are definitely a possibility. Our non-winter continues...

     Sunday night a cold front is expected to drift south from the north, allowing for temperatures to take a dive Monday. Very strong winds from the north are expected Monday, so expect it to feel much colder than we've been accustomed to. At this point, it appears lows near minus twenty are likely Tuesday morning so enjoy these warm temperatures while we still have them!


  1. 4 nights in a row of fog is not unprecedented, though not hugely common. In fact, we've had a run of fog much longer than this one not very long ago in 2010.
    In late February and early March of 2010, the airport reported 16 consecutive days with fog reported at some point during the day.

  2. patchy fog is possible locally again tonight, though it wont be as extensive as the past few nights.

  3. Very warm day on the way today. 925 mb temperatures between 5 and 10 C and a breezy south west flow will allow for temperatures to most certainly exceed zero. In WPG, I don't think we will break a record today, as the old record for today is 7.2 C in 1963. We will have to see just how mild the airport will actually get, since it often seems to be colder than inside the city. I'm saying between 0 and 2 at airport, while between 2 and 4 inside the city for today. Areas in the western RRV could reach between 5 and 7 locally today. Morden is already at 0 C this morning.

  4. Already +8 C in McCreary, +6 in Winkler and +5 in Morden as of 11 AM. So some areas locally may definitely get warmer than that 5 to 7 C forecasted.

  5. Looks like the airport will finally see those warm temperatures today, with +4 at 1 PM so far. Stunning day! Thank that breezy southwest wind for this warmth today.

  6. Interesting story on Jeff Master's blog about the potential for the invest between Mexico and Cuba to develop into a tropical depression or even tropical storm if conditions allow-it. This would be an historical event. The fact that we have an invest in early February is historical-enough. Link below:

  7. Certainly got a lot warmer in the city than forecasted, though that does not come at a huge surprise considering 925 mb temperatures are near 6 to 8 C this afternoon and that along with a breezy west-southwest downslope flow.

    Official high is 7.0 here at my place in south end, while I heard from a friend it got to 7.4 near the south Perimeter at their place.

    Even warmer in the western RRV today with lots of 8s and 9s. I'll have a summary of records either later tonight or in the morning.