Saturday, 27 October 2012

Looking A Little More Wintery; Warming Up Soon

    The Winnipeg area is looking a little more wintery today as we got a bit more snow last night. Northern, eastern and central parts of the city got the most with about 1 to 2 cm, while only a dusting (about 0.3 to 0.5 cm) fell in southern parts of the city. Temperatures wont rise much today as we stay in cloud for the day again, with highs likely not rising above the freezing mark.
     To our west, the heavy snow that fell in Saskatchewan and Alberta earlier this week has not melted too much in the last few days as you can see on this morning's snow depth map I've attached below, thanks to sub-zero temperatures day after day. Calgary has not risen to the freezing mark in a week now (last time above freezing was last Saturday). Not unprecedented, but certainly quite the cold snap for this time of year. Temperatures are expected to warm up for the Prairies beginning tomorrow in Alberta and gradually eastward. Above normal temperatures are expected in Manitoba next week. Normal highs by then for Winnipeg are about 6°C.

5 to 25 cm of snow still on the ground in central/western parts of SK and in AB


  1. Warm up starts today with highs in the low to mid single digits expected for the next few days. Certainly not a major warm up, but better than nothing I suppose.

  2. Wow consider ourselves lucky quite frankly with the way it has been going here lately.. It's quite a different reality in Alberta still as Edmonton has now had consistent below zero daytime highs for almost 2 weeks now. Check out this webcam from Edmonton and you can see that the river is starting to freeze up already:

  3. We will likely see some snow here in southern Manitoba tomorrow into early Saturday with the heaviest accumulations currently expected in southwestern Manitoba. 5-10 cm not out of the question there. There will be a sharp drop off in precip as you go east. This 'dividing line' between high accumulations and little to nothing will be narrow and place itself somewhere around the RRV or a little eastward. Therefore we could very well get some accumulation in Winnipeg, with 1-3 cm possible. Will update later this evening or in the morning tomorrow.

  4. Brief October summary coming later today.