Saturday, 20 October 2012

Unsettled, But Remaining Mild For a Few More Days

     It will be a mild day today, especially if we can get a little bit of sun come out this afternoon. If the sun comes out, highs in the mid teens are a possibility, especially in southwestern Manitoba. Winds will be a little gusty however, from the south. Keep in mind normal highs are now about 9°C or 10°C.

     It will be a mild night tonight as more cloud cover moves in, and there will be a chance for showers. In fact, due to some higher amounts of instability expected along a front, a few thunderstorms will not be out of the question anywhere north of the Trans Canada. It looks like western Manitoba and the Interlake will have the best chance. This front is expected to move through Winnipeg early in the morning tomorrow. It wont cool things off too severely as highs are still expected to be in the low teens for much of southern Manitoba.

     It will remain mild in the low teens to start next week, but it will also remain quite unsettled. A band of rain is expected Monday night, with perhaps 5 to 10 mm of rain locally. Will have more details in the comment section below as the day gets closer.

     A pattern change is expected later in the week as a rather strong storm system affects the Prairies and Ontario. It is a little early for specifics on this system, but a major snowstorm is in the cards for parts of the Prairies late week. Things are expected to get quite frigid behind this system, but the uncertainty right now is how cold it will get, and how far south this cold air will get. Stay tuned..
Graph from Accuweather's Brett Anderson Canada Blog


  1. Sadly it looks like the Red River Valley will really be stuck in cloud for much of the day after all, with maybe some sun by mid/late afternoon, but by then it will be too late for very mild temperatures in the mid teens. I think We'll only get to between 9 and 11°C in Winnipeg today, a shame considering we could have been much warmer if it was sunny. Southwestern Manitoba is luckier as skies are beginning to clear now. I wouldn't be surprised to see some 15's there later this afternoon.

  2. There will likely be scattered showers in the morning throughout southern Manitoba, with the potential for a few isolated rumbles of thunder. That breezy south wind will keep us warm in the mid to high single digits through the night as well.
    Not expecting large accumulations with the rain overnight and morning, except perhaps some localized downpours in any isolated storms.

  3. Looking like a general 10 to 20 mm around the city beginning overnight tonight or early tomorrow morning and continuing through most of the day tomorrow. Some embedded thunder and lightning will be possible throughout southern Manitoba, especially in southeastern Manitoba, in the afternoon.