Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Blast Coming To a Close

     A series of major low pressure systems have pummelled the Prairies over the past few days, dumping a wide swath of 10 to 60 cm of snow. No major city escaped this blast of winter. Here are some amounts in the form of a map, showing amounts that have fallen since November 7. Note that some of this data has not been verified for accuracy; the amounts come from Environment Canada's storm summaries and some are from Rob's Blog.
CLICK TO ENLARGE. Data is courtesy of Environment Canada and Rob's Blog and amounts are as of late afternoon Nov 11
UPDATE Nov 12: Here's a story about the 65 cm of snowfall that fell in Mafeking.


  1. Got an additional cm of snowfall overnight bringing my grand total for this storm to 21.8 cm.

  2. Looking mild for the next few days. Could see a lot of this snow melt. Tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised to see highs between 3 and 5°C within city limits and into southeastern Manitoba. Colder temperatures over heavier snow-covered areas to our west and north.