Saturday, 3 November 2012

Winnipeg Metro Dodges Bullet, But How Many More Will We Dodge?

     A swath of snow moved through southwestern and extreme southern Manitoba yesterday generally dumping between 2 and 15 cm. Luckily for the Winnipeg area, the snow remained to the south resulting in just a few flurries overnight which melted today. Here are some snow totals:

Brandon      11.6 cm
Winkler         6 cm
Portage        5 cm
Carman        3 cm
Winnipeg    0.4 cm

     Brandon was hard hit, here's a snapshot of how it looked like in the Wheat City today:

     Another swath of snow is expected to move into southwestern Manitoba tomorrow thanks to another clipper system. Again, at this point it looks like southeastern Manitoba including Winnipeg will likely dodge this one again, getting away with just a few flurries tomorrow night. 2 to 5 cm will be possible in southwestern Manitoba.

     Another clipper system is expected Monday into Monday night, and this one could be a little more pronounced for the Winnipeg area. A few cm of snow will be possible throughout southern Manitoba, with perhaps a cm or 2 around the city. However, there will also be the potential for some of the precipitation to fall as rain or freezing rain. Will have more details as the day gets closer.

     The big story of the week next week will be a potential significant storm system late week or next weekend. Models are already agreeing that a strong storm will form; now the question is just how far north it will extend, which will determine how much snow we get in Manitoba. This system could be significant with heavy snowfall over 15 cm and strong winds in some areas. It could spell the ''official'' start to winter as very cold air gets pumped south behind it. Stay tuned for updates on this potential potent system.

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  1. Looks like not all of southwestern Manitoba will see a good snowfall today as expected yesterday. There is still the chance for freezing rain and 2-5 cm of snow near the Saskatchewan border, but areas like Dauphin, Brandon and Killarney will likely only see some flurries.