Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mild For a Few Days

     Daytime highs are expected to rise above zero through most of southern Manitoba today thanks to brilliant sunshine and a southerly or southeasterly flow. Areas with minimal snowcover and heavily forested will warm the most, such as in southeastern Manitoba. Sprague, which doesn't have much snow on the ground, has already risen to 7°C as of 11 AM and only saw a morning low of -2°C. In Winnipeg, we are expected to reach about 1 or 2°C at the airport, but within city limits highs between 3 and 5°C are not out of the question locally. This will allow for some of this snow cover to melt.

     Mild weather is expected to continue Monday through to Wednesday with daytime highs above zero expected. Again warmest temperatures will remain in southeastern Manitoba and within the city limits of Winnipeg.

     Cooler and more unsettled weather is expected late week with the potential for some insignificant snowfall (appears to only be about 2-5 cm at this point) which will likely slicken roads again.

     Beyond that, no major prolonged cold outbreaks expected in the next 2 weeks.


  1. A stubborn fog hovers over Brandon still with near zero visibility at the airport. That fog should clear by mid afternoon at the latest. Whenever the sun comes out temperatures will warm quickly.

  2. Snow depth down to 10 cm here in south end as of 3:30 PM.. Will be interesting to see how low the depth will get over the next few days.

    As for temperatures, got to +6°C at my place today while it got closer to 4°C at the airport and Charleswood.
    Brandon still struggling in light fog, so they only got to about -4°C as of 3:15 PM.

  3. Models are more agressive with Thursday/Friday's system giving Winnipeg anywhere from 5 to 20 cm of snow, with a mixture of rain at the beginning. Will have to keep an eye on it.

  4. Mild day on tap with highs between 2 and 5°C in Winnipeg while it could get as high as 7°C or 8°C in the southern RRV and southeastern Manitoba where snow cover is minimal.

    Tomorrow will be the warmest day along and south of the Trans Canada with highs between 5 and 7°C definitely possible for Winnipeg and 6 to 9°C in the southern RRV and southeastern Manitoba.

  5. Could get into the high teens and low twenties in southern Minnesota and parts of South Dakota tomorrow. Minneapolis is expected to reach between 16 and 18°C, close to record-breaking (record is 18°C according to Intellicast).
    A little difficult to pinpoint exactly how high Winnipeg will get as we'll be right on the edge of the warmer air. I think something similar to today is likely (2 to 5 °C) instead of the 5 to 7°C I said this morning.
    Sprague could get close to 10°C

  6. Estimated 1.8 cm here in south st vital as of 4 PM. We wont get any more organised snowfall, perhaps just a few flurries here and there leftover for the rest of the day. Cold and even 'frigid' weather expected for the next several days with highs near -10°C and lows approaching -20°C on some nights possible.

  7. About 4 cm of snowfall here in the south end as of 2 PM. Ended up being a decent short-lived event with visibility less than 1 km in heavy snow and blowing snow.
    Most of the snow looks over now, with just a few flurries here and there with gradual clearing. Already seeing some clear breaks to the west of the city.

  8. Another 2.0 cm of snowfall overnight bringing the total for this system to 6 cm in Winnipeg.