Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Brief Break From Top 10 to Take a Look at December 2012

December 2012 stats. Click to enlarge view. (E=estimated)

     The month started quite mild with 5 days of above zero highs. This was accompanied by an unusual 3 days of December rain and freezing rain. Roads were extremely slick when temperatures fell below zero. With about 3 mm of rain, it was enough to make this the 9th rainiest December on record.

     After that however, the weather turned relatively stable with few changes. Cloudy skies and light snow were the story almost daily beyond the 7th thanks to light winds and a moist air mass, as well as frequent clipper systems. The cloud cover helped keep nighttime temperatures a little warmer on some days. Fog and hoar frost were also the main story mid-month. Proof of how calm the weather was, the hoar frost stayed on most trees for more than 2 days thanks to light winds, despite the disapearance of the fog.

     We did not see a full return to sunshine and much colder than normal temperatures until the Christmas holidays, which only lasted a few days. Light snow and cloudy conditions returned by the 27th. As a result of these constant small snowfalls, snowfall amounts were above normal for the month with a total of 32 cm, 33% above normal. Snow depth by month's end sat between 21 and 25 cm in the city (25 cm in Charleswood and 21 cm in south St. Vital).

     Overall, a relatively quiet month...

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