Friday, 11 January 2013

Update on the Blizzard Tonight
Updated map as of 4 PM Jan 11. Warnings by Environment Canada, snowfall amounts my own predictions

      Current indications are that the worst of the snowfall will fall further east than previously anticipated, but moderate amounts are still expected. I'm still anticipating the southeast corner of the province to see 15-30 cm of snowfall tonight into the morning tomorrow, and this would be east and south of Steinbach. 10 to 20 cm everywhere else in southern Manitoba within the warning area on the map above.

     However, it is important to not let our guards down as snowfall isn't the biggest concern. Rather, wind will be the main concern as winds of 50 gusting to 70 km/h in the Red River Valley will provide widespread blowing snow and blizzard conditions regardless of how much snow falls. Travel is not recommend but if necessary be sure to have an emergency kit, blankets and a shovel in your vehicles to be safe.

     I will provide updates through the rest of the day.


  1. The worst of the storm is really starting to commence in the city now. Visibilities have significantly reduced within city limits in the past half hour with even heavier snowfall moving in from the south. Going to be a rough night.. I'm still thinking 10 to 20 cm is a good bet for Winnipeg. Heaviest amounts look to be just east and south of the city.

  2. Light snow is tapering off gradually, and blowing snow will remain an issue until afternoon. It's extremely difficult to measure how much snow has fallen anywhere in southern Manitoba. Drifts are up to half a metre high in some cases, but more open areas are swept clean. 10-15 cm seems like the best estimate range of totals for the city of Winnipeg looking at radar estimates as well as the 10 mm of water equivalent the airport measured.

  3. Not too sure why the map is not showing anymore on this post, but I'll have another post to summarize this blizzard later today.