Sunday, 25 August 2013

New Record & Yesterday's Rainfall Amounts

     With a low of 21.4°C yesterday at Winnipeg airport, that breaks the old high minimum record of 21.1°C in 1937 for the day.

     In addition, it only got down to about 19 or 20°C this morning, which is close to the old record high minimum of 19.4°C in 1952 for today. Wont know until tomorrow if we broke this record or not.

     Here are some rainfall totals from yesterday's rainfall in southeastern Manitoba and northwestern Ontario. Ear Falls, Ontario received over 70 mm of rainfall yesterday. The highest amount I could find in Manitoba was 63.2 mm in Berens River. Higher amounts also fell in the southern RRV thanks to trailing thunderstorms.

Rainfall Aug 24, 2013
Ear Falls, Ont
71.7 mm
Berens River
63.2 mm
34.0 mm
27.9 mm
Sundown (east of Vita)
17.3 mm
15.2 mm
14.5 mm
11.4 mm
10.6 mm
9.1 mm
Winnipeg south St Vital
1.0 mm
Winnipeg Charleswood
0.8 mm

     The hot and sticky weather continues through the entire week with highs near or above 30°C expected. Humidex values today and tomorrow will be in the high 30's.

     Next chance for thunderstorms looks like tomorrow late day and tomorrow night. Best risk will be in western Manitoba tomorrow and then in the Interlake and eastern Manitoba tomorrow night.


  1. I've only received 22.7 mm here in south St Vital this month... Normal August rainfall is about 79 mm. So far, 40 mm at the airport.

  2. Incredible that we're getting severe thunderstorms all the way up north close to the Northwest Territories border in Saskatchewan this late in the summer... Seems like late July instead of late August right now!

  3. Storm potential late tomorrow/tomorrow night looking a little less interesting in today's updates... but potential is still there for something. Best dynamics more and more look to be south of the border.