Monday, 19 August 2013

Recap of Yesterday's Storms; Hot Start to The Week

Hail as large as dimes at my place in south St Vital
     Thunderstorms yesterday morning dumped copious amouts of rainfall over the Winnipeg area with as much as 40 mm of rainfall in parts of the city. Here's some rainfall amounts from the Winnipeg area from yesterday (some include the evening showers):

Far northwest Winnipeg ....... 67.0 mm*
St. Adolphe ........................... 54.4 mm
Charleswood ........................ 42.4 mm
Starbuck ............................... 42.1 mm
Downtown (uofw) ................. 37.3 mm
Sturgeon Creek (west end) .. 31.2 mm
Winnipeg Airport ................... 30.0 mm
Lorette ................................... 26.7 mm
Selkirk ................................... 14.4 mm
Transcona ............................. 12.2 mm
River Park South .................... 9.9 mm

*City of Winnipeg weather station located north of airport and west of Brookside boulevard

     Rainfall and lightning were the biggest issues with the storms. Street flooding and power outages were seen. At one point, visibility was down to just 200 metres at the airport. A map of rainfall amounts by the city of Winnipeg can be viewed here.

     Hail was also associated with the storm and was as large as dimes as seen in the picture I took above from south St Vital. Winds with the storms were gusty at times, but not a big issue.

     The following is a video of a loud thunderclap I managed to video (you will need high volume to hear how it sounded realistically):

     Looking at the year so far, here are some rainfall totals since January 1:

Charleswood ............. 385.6 mm
Wpg Airport ............... 278.0 mm (estimated)
River Park South ....... 264.0 mm (my place)

     The west end of the city has been hit hard by downpours in thunderstorms this year with 100 + mm more than other parts of the city.

     Brandon was also hit hard with storms yesterday with a storm around and after 4 pm. Dime to nickel sized hail fell as seen in this photo, and as much as 30 mm of rain fell. Some street flooding occurred as a result.

     Now to the forecast...

     The dog days of summer continue with highs in the low to mid thirties today and tomorrow. Highs of 33 to 34°C are expected in Winnipeg today, with aid from clear skies and a southwesterly wind for part of the afternoon. Tuesday will also be hot with highs of about 31 to 32°C. Thankfully, humidity will be on the moderate side, so it wont be too oppressive.

     A cold front will slice through the area late in the day tomorrow, ushering in much cooler weather mid week. Highs will only reach about 25°C on Wednesday. However, this cool down looks brief as we get some hotter and more humid weather return by Friday. Thunderstorm chances also look to increase by then, but it is too early to talk about specifics at this time.

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Rainfall amounts in this post courtesy of Manitoba agriculture, cocorahs, robsobs, Environment Canada, the city of Winnipeg and uofw weather station.


  1. 36.1 in westwood!

  2. JJ,where is the forecast section of your blog for? Todays high is 34, in some parts of the it got to 36 today other only 32.

    1. Winnipeg forecast is for the airport specifically.

      Winds have finally switched to more southwesterly/westerly now, so hopefully the airport will rise to at least 33°C before the day is done.

  3. Highs so far today:
    Whyte Ridge 34.7°C
    Charleswood 34.1°C
    South St Vital 33.1°C (me)
    Airport 32 to 33°C, wont know until tomorrow.

    1. westwood got up to 36.

  4. It's another hot one today with temps in the thirties once again. Cold front moves thru this evening with a slight chance of thunderstorms and a much cooler more comfortable day tomorrow in the mid twenties. Enjoy the comfortable day tomorrow and Thursday because it won't last. Hot muggy weather returns Friday with a good chance of storms potentially severe. Long range guidance is indicating temps in the low to mid thirties Sunday into next week so summer is going nowhere anytime soon which i'm sure nobody is complaining about that.

  5. Storms north of Winnipeg in the southern Interlake at this time. Although these will miss Winnipeg, looking at visible satellite there is a line of building clouds to the southwest of them which will have to be monitered. Not a very high chance we'll see something in Winnipeg, but the chance is non-zero.

    1. Looks like the front has gone through the city now.. but we could still see a shower or two and maybe a rumble of thunder in the next couple hours behind the front.. however severe weather is less likely.

  6. Looks like there will be many chances for storms beginning this Friday and lasting into next week. The season isn't over yet thankfully!

  7. JJ, are severe storms also possible Friday into the weekend with the unsettled weather pattern taking shape?


    1. Right now it looks like storms are possible each of the three days; Friday, Saturday and Sunday for southern Manitoba.

      Best risk for severe weather Friday looks like Saskatchewan, but a few look possible in western Manitoba. Showers and storms will continue to be possible Friday night into Saturday. However, capping looks like a concern Saturday afternoon so we may not see redevelopment after the early day stuff... but anything that forms could be severe.

      Storm threat looks smaller on Sunday, but is still there. Capping may be a concern again.

  8. It looks like summer is sticking around for a while... really making up for that cold spell in late July and early August.

    CPC (climate prediction centre; south of the border) has 50-60% chance of above normal temperatures in their 8-14 day outlook.. which is a very good chance.

    We'll be back to near or above 30°C by Friday, and that will continue through the weekend and most likely at least part of next week.

    I'm still fairly worried about capping this coming weekend which may supress a lot of daytime thunderstorms.