Sunday, 4 August 2013

September-Like Week Ahead

     Monday will likely be the nicest day of the week with temperatures most likely reaching the mid 20's... assuming we get a decent amount of sunshine. I recommend you enjoy it while it lasts...

     The change-maker will be a cold front which will slice through southern Manitoba Monday night into Tuesday morning. Rain is likely with this front, along with the potential for embedded thunderstorms. Winnipeg will likely see this rain in the overnight hours and early morning on Tuesday. General rainfall amounts of 5-15 mm are expected, however any thunderstorms that occur may give some localized higher amounts.

     Tuesday looks very Fall-like. There will be a breezy north wind, more cloud than sun and temperatures will only reach the high teens. Tuesday night will be chilly with lows in the mid to high single digits.

     A secondary cold front passes through on Wednesday night which will give another potential for showers.

     Cool conditions continue through the rest of the work week with highs generally in the high teens  and overnight lows in the single digits... More typical of mid September.


  1. Some rainfall totals from yesterday:

    Forrest 27.8 mm
    Brandon 27.0 mm
    Somerset 21.6 mm
    Reston 21.0 mm
    Carman 17.0 mm
    Neepawa 15.8 mm
    Marchand 13.1 mm
    Portage 10.3 mm
    Minnedosa 9.4 mm
    Melita 6.4 mm
    Sprague 4.8 mm

    In Winnipeg:
    Charleswood 8.4 mm
    South St Vital (me) 7.6 mm
    Sturgeon Creek 6.9 mm
    The Forks 5.0 mm

    Source: Environment Canada, Manitoba Agriculture, robsobs, cocorahs

  2. Thursday is looking like the coldest day of the week. Actually, the high teens is too optimistic... looks like we will only reach about 14-16°C for a high that day. Just ridiculous for this time of year! There will also be lots of cloud and there will be the chance for showers.. and winds will be breezy. Looks quite miserable.

  3. Yeah, gonna be quite ugly the rest of this week. Let's hope the long range holds up as models continue to indicate that more summerlike weather in terms of normal temperatures makes a comeback this weekend into next week but that's a ways off still so we'll see.

  4. Looks like pretty much gonna be a non-event for Winnipeg tonight.

    1. I never had very high expectations about us getting a storm today, which is why I kept the risk at small for the Winnipeg area. I'm still expecting rainfall overnight into early tomorrow morning with potentially 2-5 mm or more if we manage to get some of the heavier bands. Not very good chance for thunderstorms, but I wouldn't rule out a rumble of thunder.

  5. Should have seen it coming... Rainfall just skirted past Winnipeg the entire night as usual. Just 0.5 mm here in south St Vital and 0.3 mm in Charleswood... But just down the road to the south, 3.8 mm in St. Adolphe, 4.5 mm in Steinbach, 7.4 mm in St Pierre Jolys and 11.8 mm in Winkler.