Sunday, 5 October 2014

Growing Season Ends, Cold & Blustery Weather Continues

     The growing season officially came to an end in most of Winnipeg today with frost as temperatures dipped below zero. The airport dropped to -2.2°C, while temperatures dipped to -1.5°C at my place in south St Vital. Only the downtown area managed to escape frost, with a low of 1.1°C at The Forks and 1.0°C at the University of Winnipeg station.

     This first frost however, is later than normal. 1981-2010 normal first frost at the airport is September 24. The temperature actually dipped below zero already yesterday evening, making it the latest first frost of the season since 2005 when we didn't get our first frost until October 6. In case your wondering, this only ties as 12th latest first frost since 1872.

     Many parts of the city also saw their first snowflakes of the season yesterday afternoon as lake-effect precipitation moved in. The airport did not record any snow however.

     The cold and windy conditions will continue until at least Wednesday. Showers and flurries will be possible each day, but significant accumulations are not expected.

     I do have some good news. There are hints of warming up for the Thanksgiving weekend. That may come with some more chances for some rain however.


  1. This persistent northwesterly flow pattern continues for still a few more days. Highs in the mid to high single digits today through Friday.

    Warming trend begins on Saturday when highs in the teens will finally become the new normal for a while. So yes, it does appear this next warmup will last longer than just a couple days. Models are hinting this milder weather could last throughout the week next week with perhaps only a brief cool down. I'm not talking about 20°C weather at this point, but at least we'll be closer to normal and slightly above normal finally.

  2. Lake effect streamer coming off Lake Manitoba through Winnipeg this morning. Even looked like some tiny icy pellets were coming down while I was biking this morning. Looking like an unsettled day as a result. I must say, it's been a biker's nightmare the last week with these cold persistent northwesterlies.... Looking foreward to a different wind direction!

  3. Bikers nightmare indeed! I bike to work which is in the murry industrial park and I live in the south central part of the city, so it might as well be an all uphill climb with these persistent and windy NW winds, especially as I'm biking past runway 36 and the air force base! Oh well makes for breeze of a ride home after!

    1. Wow, that's a far ride! I guess I shouldn't complain about my 15 minute ride!