Saturday, 25 October 2014

Very Warm Yesterday; Cooling Down

     Looks like the warmer solution worked perfectly for yesterday. Winnipeg airport reached 20.6°C, not quite beating the old record of 23.0°C in 1989. However, it was the warmest we have been so late in the year since 1990 when we hit 23.8°C on October 26. Hopefully you enjoyed it because this was likely the last 20°C day of the year until spring!

     We cool off quite a bit for the next few days, but we'll still be above the 1981-2010 normal high of around 8-9°C. We should reach 12-14°C today and 13-15°C tomorrow. There could be showers tomorrow afternoon and possibly more scattered showers on Monday. Not expecting major accumulations at this point.

     Although we cool down mid week with highs in the single digits, no major and prolonged cool downs are expected for at least the next 2 weeks. In fact, chances are looking high that the first half of November will be warmer than normal overall. That doesn't mean there won't be any colder days, but any cold should be brief and not severe.

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  1. Cloudier day today. Should reach low teens at least. There will be a good chance or a shower this afternoon. Not expecting much accumulation. There could even be a few rumbles of thunder through the RRV and southeastern Manitoba, but the chance is low.

    Sunnier tomorrow so we should manage to reach low to mid teens again.

    Big cool down starts Tuesday with highs in the mid single digits and scattered showers and drizzle. Can't rule out a few snowflakes, but it might end up too warm Tuesday. Colder for the remainder of the week, including Halloween. Halloween so far looks quite chilly. A warmup back to an above normal trend looks very likely for the first week of November.