Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Epic Record Streak Overview

     The record books got an extreme makeover the past 9 days. In total, AT LEAST 20 records were shattered in the city of Winnipeg in a period of 9 days! This is something that has not been seen in many years.
     Here is the entire list of records broken:

10 Records for daily highs

Date... REC HIGH (old record year)
Sun 11 ..... 12.8C (old 12.5C 1981)
Mon 12 ..... 9.7C  (old 7.2C 1922)
Thu 15 ..... 14.4C  (old 11.1C 1927)
Fri 16 ...... 19.9C  (old 12.4C 1981)
Sat 17 ...... 19.2C (old 12.8C 1938)
Sun 18 ..... 20.9C  (old 14.4C 1910)   *also earliest 20C reading on record*
Mon 19 .... 23.7C (old 18.9C 1938)    *also new all time March maximum*
Thu 22 ..... 21.7C (old 18.3C 1878)

8 Records for daily high minimums + 2 ties

Date... REC HIGH (old record year)
Mon 12 ..... 2.5C (old )
Wed 14  ..... 1.2C (tied with 1977)
Fri 16 ...... 2.8C (old  )
Sat 17 ...... 3.2C (old )
Sun 18 ..... 4.4C (old )  

Mon 19 .... 13.3C (old ) *also new all time March high minimum* *also earliest 10C+ daily minimum*
Tue 20 ..... 2.8C (tied with 1946)
Thu 22 .... 3.7C (old 1.7C 1945)

6 Other records

Earliest strong thunderstorm (March 19)
March 19 high daily rainfall (12.5 mm) (old 4.6 mm in 1931)
All-time March high humidex (humidex of 28, on March 19) (old 18.8 on March 30, 1967)
All-time March high dewpoint (? no data available)
Most significant departure from normal temperature for any day of the year (+23.4 above normal on March 19)
Most 20C+ days in March (3 days)

     An event of this calibre will likely never be repeated in a lifetime, at least not in March. The magnitude and extent of the record breaking warmth was epic. Large portions of Canada east of Saskatchewan, and also south of the border, recorded several consecutive days of records. In eastern North America, this trend is expected to continue for a few more days.
     The warmth will continue in Manitoba for the rest of this week, though not to the extent it did in this event. A few records may be broken this week, though not too many.
     Epic is the best word I can think of to describe this streak of records. How would you call it?

A few pictures from The Weather Network viewers of the thunderstorms last night :
*Top pic by Rolf Salfert in Winnipeg. Bottom pic by Chris Driedger near Manitou, Manitoba.


  1. Well lucky us.. Looks like we'll manage to squeeze in another 20C day tomorrow in southern Manitoba. If Winnipeg does reach 20C tomorrow, it would be the third 20C day this month. Outstanding when you consider that in the past 140 year, we have only hit 20C 3 times in March. Old record tomorrow is 18.3 in 1878, so we may be breaking a 134 year old record!

    Friday a little uncertain and system brings in rain and cloud towards southeast Manitoba. The question at this point is just how far north and west will the cloud and rain reach. If we end up with too much cloud and rain, we may only get to the low to mid teens, while if it's sunnier, we may squeeze in another 20C day. This system looks to be a drencher to whoever gets hit by it, so stay tuned for updates!

    Saturday is the day of change, as a cold front sweeps through with chance of showers. Behind the front is when we will finally get some more seasonal temperatures, with highs in the low single digits and lows below zero, especially Sunday and Monday. Later next week, models are hinting at a big warmup again.

    If we do in fact warm up again next week, this March will likely end up being the warmest March on record in Winnipeg.

  2. Models also hinting at a large storm system for Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a little too far off to draw to conclusions just yet, but it definitely could bring some snow on the back side, as well as lots of rain.

  3. Wonderful day out there today! 21.7°C at my place at the moment, and the airport officially broke another record today rising to 20. That blasts the old 134 year old record of 18.3 in 1878.

    A few thunderstorms are possible in southern Manitoba tomorrow with some instability and an advancing cold front and low pressure system. Be sure to check the thunderstorm forecast by pressing the 'thunderstorm forecast' tab at the top of the page for updates on the storm risk.

  4. Winnipeg reached 21.7°C today, smashing the old record of 18.3 in 1878, 134 years ago. This is also the 3rd day this month with temperatures over 20C. Incredibly, prior to 2012, only 3 March days in the past 140 years saw temperatures over 20C, showing how unusual this warmth is.

    The hot spot in the province today was Sprague at 22.4°C.

    We likely wont break a record tomorrow, thanks to cloud cover and scattered showers. The old record is 22.8°C in 1910 anyway, so it would be quite hard to break it, but we'll see.

  5. Happy World Meteorological Day! ;)


  6. Cold front sure came in faster than expected this morning. Rained quite heavily for a little while there early this morning in the city; luckily temperatures managed to stay just above zero, so it stayed as plain rain. I measured about 3.5 mm.
    The same can't be said in SW Manitoba. This band of rain that came through the RRV did not produce much lightning because the line weakened. Although the line did produce thunderstorms in SW Manitoba. And in fact, the temperature in many areas were below zero during the storms. Not very often that we see ''freezing thunderstorms'' in our neck of the woods, though that's what SW MB saw. Freezing rain with thunder and lightning!
    It will feel very cold today with the blustery NW winds, so you may want to bundle up more than we've had to lately. Tonight will be downright 'normal' with lows approaching -10°C !

  7. Careful on the highways today as temperatures are near or below zero this afternoon, freezing a lot of the water on the roads. With the strong winds, could be a dangerous scenario.

  8. Definitely will be keeping a close eye on the models over the next few days as a major storm system affects us Monday and Tuesday. This storm could be quite a drencher, and could even bring some more thunderstorms to southern Manitoba. On the backside, snow will be possible as well for just about everyone.
    Current indications are for at least 10 mm of rain, though some models bring in as much as 40 or 50 mm. Could be quite a doozy!