Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Spring Showers

Photo Credit : Maya
     The unsettled weather we experienced yesterday will make several comebacks over the next week.

     Today will feature a mix of sun and cloud with slightly above-normal temperatures around 6 or 7°C. Don't let that fool you though, this sunshine wont last long.

     It's looking like a dreary day tomorrow with a band of moderate to heavy rain moving in late morning, and lasting through the afternoon. I don't think we'll see any thunderstorms within this line. Generally, 5 to 15 mm of rain can be expected, though slightly higher amounts are possible locally since the line will be convective in nature. Areas along the International Border can expect the heaviest amounts. It will also be cool and windy with winds up to 30 km/h expected, and highs only around 5 or 6°C.

     Friday will feature once again a mix of sun and cloud. Although, pop up showers will be possible, and even a rumble thunder will be possible in south western Manitoba thanks to a bit of instability. It will be isolated so most people wont see much if anything at all. More showers will be possible Friday night.

     And yet ANOTHER system is set to move in Saturday night, and continue Sunday into Monday. This one is looking like a doozy. Significant rainfall is expected, and this storm could even bring southwestern Manitoba and the Interlake another dose of heavy snowfall. At this point it appears over 20 to 30 mm of rain will be possible in the heaviest hit areas, with 10-20 cm of snow over southwestern Manitoba and Interlake. Stay tuned for updates on this storm.


  1. Spectacular day! A little on the chilly side, but at least there's lots of sun and light winds. 7.8°C at my place so far. It's cooler at the airport at 5°C.
    Enjoy the last few hours of this.. ;)

  2. Sunday/Monday storm not looking at all as significant as it did yesterday. It's looking better if you didn't want a rainy end to the weekend. At this point it's looking like any rain we do see will be Monday night. Although who knows that could still change..

  3. Rain will be starting soon in the city, probably in about an hour. Expect rain to be steady at times, not just light showers. 5-10 mm expected this afternoon before tapering off this evening.

  4. Rain has begun. Prepare for somewhat of a deluge for the next hour or so, heavier bands moving in any minute now. Some areas could locally see up to 15 mm today, but generally 5-10

  5. Don't be surprised to hear the odd rumble of thunder today as well, though it is highly unlikely. Personally I'd say don't expect to hear any thunder at all today.

  6. 4 mm at my place so far today. Get ready for pouring rain for the next 30 minutes or so. Radar showing rainfall rates of 20 to 30 mm per hour approaching the city as we speak. I'll update my rainfall total after the downpour

  7. Radar seems to be overplaying the rainfall, so rainfall rates are closer to 5mm/hr rather than 20-30 mm/hr the radar is saying.

    7 mm so far

  8. A general 10-15 mm of rain fell over the city today, which was at times mixed with large snowflakes.

    Next more organised rain looks like early Saturday, though it wont be as widespread as today. Details to come

  9. Looks like all this lingering moisture from yesterday's rain and today's continued south/southeast wind will keep the low cloud, drizzle and fog through most of the morning. The fog and drizzle should taper off before afternoon, but the low cloud will likely stick around. There could still be a bit of sun though. If we do get some sun, our temperatures would likely reach double digits, otherwise if we stay cloudy we'll stay in the single digits.

    That being said, more showers and possibly a few embedded thunderstorms will move in from Saskatchewan and Montana later this evening in southwest/west Manitoba. Those same showers or storms will move into southeast/east Manitoba overnight. It wont be as widespread as yesterday, rather more isolated and faster-moving. Locally there could be 5-10 mm, thought it's a general 2-5 mm. Some models are showing areas south of the Trans-Canada missing out completely on this system, so keep that in mind tonight as well. More updates later today

  10. Don't think we'll get much in the city tonight. Scattered showers are possible, though it doesn't look like we'll get much. The threat of thunder is still there, but low and will be isolated.

    Rain will be most widespread in the Interlake where thunder will be more likely as well. 5 mm will be possible there, locally higher with storms.

    Things could still change, especially since a strong llj may develop, but that's how it looks right now. Interlake looks most favourable right now.

    After tonight, the next threat for thunderstorms would be Sunday.

  11. With warm temperatures tonight and tomorrow, it looks like this March will end up being the warmest March on record for Winnipeg, since records began in 1872. Not much of surprise ;P

  12. Showers and thunderstorms have developped in Saskatchewan this afternoon and evening, and will move into western/southwestern portions of Manitoba later this evening. Expect scattered showers and thunder in areas such as Russell, Dauphin and Swan River before midnight.