Saturday, 10 March 2012

Welcome Spring!

     Looks like we will be getting an early start to Spring after all. The warmup starts today, and this warmth is expected to last for up to 2 weeks or more. Temperatures will remain above zero for daytime highs, and for some nights as well. It is definitely safe to say that this winter will be the second winter in 140 years without a single -30°C reading.

     Temperatures today will reach around 5°C in the city, and that will be the norm for the next few days. Many models and forecasts are showing temperatures reaching double digits later next week, and that is certainly in the realm of possibility. Although, it wont happen until all this snow melts. Abundant sunshine, warm temperatures, some above-zero nights and even some rain in the near-future will definitely get rid of the snow for us, the question is just when.

     Monday could be an interesting day, as we will get brushed by a potential rain storm coming up from the US. Most models seem to keep most of the rain along the Ontario border, and in NW Ontario, although we may still get some showers here in the city. I'll keep you all updated on this system as Monday draws closer. Also stay tuned in the next week to see if we will break any warmth records.
NAEFS forecast showing ~80% chance of above normal temps between
March 18 and 25 in the Winnipeg area. Link here


  1. 5.5°C so far today at my place in south end. Looks like we'll get a degree or two higher than the forecast.

    Reports of 9-10°C in St. Boniface, so there are some warmer pockets around.

  2. An Amazing 22°C in Bismarck, North Dakota this afternoon. That's not very far away! They've already broke the old record of 18°C set back in 2008. FYI hottest temperature ever in March in Bismarck was 27°C.

    Some dougle digits in southern Manitoba, 10°C in Portage and Melita. 8°C at The Forks, and generally 5-9°C in the city today.

    Tomorrow will be very similar to today, except it could even be a couple degrees warmer.

  3. Some records broken today, including:

    Norway House 8.0 (old 5.1 in 1991)
    Thompson 6.1 (old 4.6 in 1981)
    Melita 10.6 (old 5.0 in 2008)
    Portage 12.4 (old 10.0 in 1973)

    And in North Dakota, some records broken include:

    Bismarck 22.2 / 72°F (old 17.8/64°F in 2008)
    Minot 17.8 / 64°F (old 13.9/57°F in 1990)

    Tomorrow will quite similar :)

  4. I measure snow depth in my yard daily at 3:45 PM. Friday I measured an 18 cm depth, while yesterday that had dropped to 13 cm. Considering today's continued warmth and sunshine, that depth will likely drop to as low as 6 to 8 cm at least.

    The snow will be gone very very soon! Lows tonight are expected to remain above zero as cloud cover moves in from a low pressure system moving into NW Ontario. That will allow for melting straight through the night, and give us a head start on melting tomorrow. I think there's a pretty good bet the snow will be gone by Monday evening :) (except for big piles and snow in the shade of course)

  5. Likely wont break a record in Winnipeg today. Old record today is 12.5°C in 1981, which is a bit of a stretch considering we're only expecting highs between 8 and 10°C today.

    Looks like tomorrow we will have a good shot at breaking a record. Old record tomorrow is just 7.2°C in 1922. Highs are expected to be around 6 or 7°C tomorrow, so it will close.

  6. 10.4°C at the airport as of 2pm! First double digit high of the year, and the first since Nov 6, 2011.

    Today also marks the earliest we hit double digits since 2000, when we hit 12.7°C on March 4. Awesome :)

  7. We may actually break the record today... 11.7°C as of 3pm, with perhaps still another hour of stable or rising temperatures.

  8. 12.3°C at 5pm at the airport
    12.1°C here at my place so far is the high, although many other stations reported highs near 13°C today. Amazing!

    I'm saying a snow depth of about 5-6 cm here at my place as of 5pm, with some grass starting to peak out in some spots =) Just a few more days of this and snow will be all gone.

  9. In case you wondered, here are the record that were broken today! Winnipeg did in fact break a record today, interesting to say the least.

    Location New record
    Pinawa 14.8 (old 13.2 in 1995)
    Melita 14.6 (old 7.5 in 1995)
    Sprague 14.3 (old 13.0 in 1981)
    Winnipeg 12.8 (old 12.5 in 1981)
    Pilot Mound 11.8 (old 11.0 in 1981)
    Gretna 8.7 (old 5.6 in 1973)

    Today may be starting a stretch of records for this week. Every single day this week has the potential of breaking a record, with daytime highs throughout the rest of this week expected to be near or above 10C.

  10. The low this morning is an oustanding 5°C. Absolutely stunning as temperatures hovered around 6 or 7°C straight through the night. Normal daytime HIGHS are closer to -2 this time of year... Lots of snow melted overnight so it's almost gone in most spots in the city, other than the big piles.

    If we dont drop below that this evening, we would break the high minimum record for today, which currently stands at 1.8°C.

    It's a guarantee that we will break today's high record though, since we are only a degree away from it already, and we may have even broken it overnight.. Crazy weather.

    Enjoy it while it lasts! Although, it looks like this is here to stay for at least another week.

  11. Very messy, dreary and damp morning out there, with showers developing along the deformation band. Was raining steadily here in south end about an hour ago, though it has stopped for now. I measured aobut 1.5 mm so far this morning, while a friend of mine in southeast WPG measured closer to 3 mm. 0 mm in Charleswood as the line of showers repeatedly brushed the eastern half of the city.

    Another line of heavier showers just entering the city now, and some more light showers to the west. We should see another 1-3 mm here today, perhaps 2-4 mm locally. It should begin to clear later in the afternoon, rather than earlier.

  12. Winds have finally switched over to west, therefore fog and mist have since begun to rapidly dissipate and temperatures have begun to climb. We should see a bit of sun early this evening before sunset.

    Measured 2.2 mm of rain here today. Lower amounts in western and northern parts of the city, while more fell in south and east parts. Reports of 3.6 mm in south east WPG, and 1 mm in St. Boniface.

  13. Winnipeg officially broke another record today.. 0.0
    still rising a bit with that sunshine, so will have to wait until later to know just exactly how warm it got today.

    Old record today is 7.2 back in 1922.

  14. Changed the background and colours of the blog to go a little more with Spring :) Don't need those winter feelings anymore don't we.. :P

    I've been trying out new colours lately too, trying to find something that goes well. If you have any suggestions for the blog colours and schemes that would make reading and viewing this blog more enjoyable for you, feel free to leave a comment. I'm open to making the blog easier to read for everyone.

  15. Here are the records broken today in southern Manitoba, provided by Environment Canada:

    Gretna..........11.3°C (old 9.7 in 2002)
    Pilot Mound....9.9°C (old 7.6 in 2002)
    Winnipeg........9.7°C (old 7.2 in 1922)

    3rd consecutive day of record warm temperatures, and this trend will continue...

  16. Will be a close call today as far as breaking a record is concerned. Old record today is 12.2°C back in 1902, 110 years old! Highs are expected to be between 11 and 13 today.

    Tomorrow will be one of the ''cooler'' days, with highs around 8 to 10°C. Yes, that's right, one of the 'cooler' days. Considering our normal high is closer to -2°C, this is truely outstanding.

    Things will really begin to 'heat' up by Thursday. Mid teens expected Thursday, and then high teens Friday. It is looking more and more likely we will be seeing temperatures near or slightly above 20°C Saturday and Sunday, and if we're lucky perhaps even Monday, though that is uncertain at this point. Old records in that time frame are between 12 and 14, so we will literally just be slaughtering those records.

    Stay tuned for updates

  17. It was cloudier than expected today, and the cloud stayed around longer as well. Luckily it has just begun to clear and the sun is really starting to warm things back up. 11.4C at the airport at the moment, very close to the record high, which I think we will break thanks to the sunshine.

    12.2°C here at my place currently.

  18. I've opened up a new poll, what will be the warmest temperature in the city of Winnipeg this upcoming weekend? (Saturday/Sunday).
    It's looking very warm, but just how warm? ;)