Friday, 30 March 2012

Weekend Forecast

     Good evening folks. Here's the latest forecast for the weekend.

     Scattered showers and thunderstorms have developped in central Saskatchewan this afternoon, and are now making their march east. Most of the storms have developped between the Trans-Canada and the Yellowhead. As these showers and stoms move east tonight into Manitoba, most of the activity should remain to the north of the Trans-Canada. It is still hard to say though, and I would not be surprised if we had more rain and thunder than expected thanks to a strong low-level jet over 40 knots expected along the cold front.
     Basically, I'm saying we'll have to wait and see. Just keep in mind of the potential for showers and storms in the city between midnight and 6 AM. Check the comment section of this post for updates tonight.
7 PM analysis. Showers and thunderstorms in central SK. Line of showers west of Winnipeg as well.
     5-10 mm of rain is expected in the Interlake tonight, higher amounts possible in thunderstorms. Winnipeg could see anything from a trace to 5 mm; storms will be more isolated the further south you go. A line of showers has developped to the west of Winnipeg as we speak, so we could see a few sprinkles this evening too, but nothing major.

     As seen on the map above, southern Saskatchewan was in the warm sector today. Temperatures approached the 20's today. Regina reached 21°C at 5 pm, which means today ties for the 3rd earliest Regina has hit 20°C on record. It was equally warm in Estevan and Moose Jaw at 21C.

     Temperatures will warm in southern Manitoba this weekend. Tomorrow will feature highs near 16C in Winnipeg, and closer to 18C near Melita. There will also be much more sunshine thankfully. It will be a little breezy, but nothing unbearable.

     Sunday though will be a bit of a tossup. Very warm air will try to nose itself into southern Manitoba, but models are disagreeing at just how far north that warmth will reach. Some put Winnipeg at a good shot at 20C, while others show highs around 12 or 13C. Either way, it will be hard to enjoy the warmth since winds will be very strong, at 40 and gusts to 60 km/h from the east or south east. Although, we will definitely be missing out on incredibly warm temperatures in the high twenties in South Dakota and southwestern Minnesota. We may also see some thunderstorms Sunday, so stay tuned for updates.

     We may see some more rain Sunday night and Monday, though it doesn't look overly significant at this point. Updates will be provided later in the weekend.

    Hope you all have a great weekend! =)


  1. Radar estimates this morning showing 4-8 mm fell in northern Interlake (north of Gimli/Ashern, and around and north of Dauphin), as well as along the Ontario border east of Winnipeg. Areas south of the lakes and east of the Whiteshell saw very little overnight. Many areas not getting a drop, while very locally some got around a mm under a heavier shower overnight.

    There were some thunderstorms overnight a little everywhere, though lightning was not very impressive, and was very isolated. Most people would not have heard a rumble at all overnight.

  2. From the previous comment I made : ''Areas south of the lakes and east of the Whiteshell saw very little overnight.''
    I meant WEST of the Whiteshell and not east, sorry.

  3. Has this been the warmest and wettest March on record in Winnipeg? Be sure to check in the afternoon on Sunday for the answer in my monthly summary!

  4. These gloomy skies will give way to sunshine this afternoon. Some sun already starting to peak. Expect highs around 16 or 17 in the city today, much above the normal high of 4 or 5 for this time of year.

  5. Old record today is 18.9 in 1963, and tomorrow's old record is 19.4 in 1928. Both these records will be within reach, though wouldn't be surprised if we didn't break any of those.

  6. 18.4°C as of 3 pm, just 0.6° shy of breaking the record! A little warmer than expected today, but it doesn't come as a big surprise considering all this sunshine!