Friday, 22 June 2012

Now This is More Like It

     After a couple weeks of unsettled and cool conditions, we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a spectacular day today in the mid twenties and lots of sunshine, and this trend will continue for a while still.

     Tomorrow looks quite sunny as well, to start anyway. There is a small chance of some showers and storms in the Interlake, east and southeast MB in the afternoon due to daytime heating. They will be isolated. Generally, highs in the mid to high twenties can be expected throughout southern Manitoba.

     Sunday will be the cooler day as we get a brief push of cooler air from the north, however it will be sunny. Highs in the low twenties are expected, which is still not too bad.

     Next week looks marvelous to start. We have the chance for a few 30°C days mid week, and that could be associated with a rise of humidity as well. This rise in humidity may spark off some storms later in the week as the ridge begins to break down.


  1. ECMWF and GFS models are bringing that big bubble of extremely hot air to our south further north next week. If this is true, we could be talking about verry hot temperatures for the Canadian Prairies later next week. Still a little far off, so this is just a possibility at the moment. By verry hot, we'd most likely be talking about the mid thirties.

    Parts of Kansas have seen temperatures in the mid forties over the past few days with that big bubble of hot air. We don't have to go very far to see 40°C temps. It reached over 40°C in parts of Montana earlier this week.

  2. June will be above normal in terms of temperatures, which makes this the 12th consecutive month above normal!