Saturday, 9 June 2012

Severe Weather Possible Today

     Now that things are begining to clear behind a morning MCS, we now have to watch out for the potential for some severe weather today in southern Manitoba. Decent shear, llj, instability, moisture are all creating a good situation for some supercells in south/southwest Manitoba later this afternoon and early evening. Tornadoes will be possible with these, as well as very large hail, damaging winds, torrential downpours leading to localized flash flooding, and frequent lightning.

(left: Severe risk - orange = moderate, yellow = slight) (right: general t-storm risk - L blue = small, D blue = moderate, green = high)
     The storms that form have the potential to become linear, or form into some kind of an MCS for southeastern Manitoba this evening. Main threats would be large hail, damaging winds, significant rainfall and frequent lightning with that.

     Stay tuned for the latest. Here are a few links for weather updates:

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  1. Severe Thunderstorm warnings issued for Minnedosa, virden, Erikson areas. 50 to 100 mm of rain possible with those slow-moving and trailing storms. Do I hear flash flooding?

  2. Lots of sunshine in the south end; currently 23.5°C at my place. A little cloudier to the north, therefore it's just 22°c at the airport.

    Storms moving to the north of the city, so watch out for some hail and heavy rain from Oak Point, Stonewall, Woodlands and south of Gimli, moving eastwards from that for the next couple hours.

    Will be watching the radar and satellite closely this afternoon for those supercells to form. Nothing yet.

  3. TORNADO WARNING for Emerson, Gretna, St Jean Baptiste, Altona. TAKE COVER NOW!

  4. Hard to say at this point whether or not we will get anything in Winnipeg. We may just get scraped by the ones to our south with a distant light show, however more may develop so it's not over yet for the city.

    Will let you know if something is coming. As for the Tornado warning, it is still effect.

    Tornado warnings remain and have been extended to Aubigny, Dominion City, Roseau River, St-Pierre-Jolys and St. Malo.

  5. Storm has formed just to the southwest of the city, so looks like the city may get a good storm possibly in the next hour.

  6. Reports of golf ball and tennis ball sized hail with the storm that went through Winnipeg. Incredible storm, frequent lightning was seen as well. Tornado warnings still in effect around Steinbach.