Sunday, 10 June 2012

Severe Thunderstorms Last Night

Photo by Dennis Kurchaba
     Multiple tornado warnings were issued between Gretna and Steinbach last night. A few storm chasers reported seeing a tornado, however no touchdowns have been confirmed yet. The main stories with last night's storms were the hail and the lightning.
     A cell formed just to the southwest of Winnipeg, and moved right through the city mid evening. Frequent lightning and very large hail were the main stories. Golf ball to tennis ball sized hail fell in western parts of the city. 2.5 cm hail was reported at the airport.
     Behind these storms, things are going to be much cooler over the next few days before things rebound mid week. Monday's afternoon temperatures are only expected to be around 10°C, some 13 or so degrees below normal. A few showers will be possible as well to add to the cold.
     Here are some lightning shots I got last night:


  1. So cool out there this evening that there's lake-effect rain showers coming off the lakes this evening. If you are downwind of the big lakes tonight, you will be getting a little extra rain before winds start to die down tonight.

    Frost risk low for tonight in southern Manitoba. All the lingering moisture may even cause some fog locally. Frost is possible in rural areas, however in the city we should be fine.

  2. Forecasts will be updated in the morning. Today ended up being a lot busier than I anticipated.