Thursday, 9 August 2012

Cooler Weather for August

     It has been warm the past few days, but it certainly has not been as hot as July. This trend looks to continue for the next couple weeks. If you enjoy extreme heat, it appears as though you will be out of luck in the next while. If you enjoy pleasant, or 'warm' temperatures in the twenties, this will be the forecast for you!

     Today will be a cooler day than yesterday with highs near 25°C and low humidity. Tomorrow will be the warmer day with highs near 28 or 29°C. There will also be a slight chance of an isolated shower or storm throughout most of southern and central Manitoba. The weekend looks a little more unsettled, but seasonal in terms of temperatures. Highs in the mid to high twenties are expected, depending on how much sunshine we get. Showers and thunderstorms are possible both Saturday and Sunday. More details will be available tomorrow and Saturday.

     The trend is really for more seasonal weather the next 2 weeks. There aren't any signs of any major warmups or heat waves in the near future.
NAEFS forecast trend for temperatures Aug 17 to 24. Near normal or slightly below normal temps for Manitoba, definitely cooler than we've become accustomed to!


  1. I am certainly keeping an eye on next week. Models are hinting at a major cool down, and I do mean major! We could be talking about lake effect rainfall, along with night time temperatures close to the freezing mark and daytime highs barely over 10°C.

    Still too early to confirm this thankfully! But many models are hinting at this cool down. Will keep you all updated.

  2. *And that is late next week to be more specific.*