Thursday, 30 August 2012

Records Broken Yesterday

     A stiff southerly flow of air ahead of a low pressure system moving into northern Manitoba ushered in very hot and humid air from south of the border Wednesday. In many cases, it was the hottest day of the year as temperatures soared to the mid to upper thirties. With dewpoints in the teens and in some cases the low twenties, humidex values reached or exceded 40.

     In Winnipeg, the high of 35.4°C tied for hottest day of this year. With the humidex it felt more like 42. A breezy south wind kept things hot well after sunset before the cold front passed. It was still 30°C in the city at 10 PM.

     This was the 20th day of 30°C + temperatures this year for Winnipeg, well above the normal of 13 days for an entire year. A cold front last night brought cooler and drier weather for today, but temperatures will still remain above the 1981-2010 normal high of 23°C. We are expected to reach the mid twenties today. Another low pressure system will usher in hot weather Friday through Sunday however, with the potential for another 30° day or two. However, this time we may actually get some showers out of this system which could keep our temperatures a little lower.

     Here are the records that were broken yesterday:

                        New      old     record  records
Location               record   record    year    began
Berens River arpt      29.4     28.5      1991    1905
Brandon arpt           36.9     36.7      1972    1890
Dauphin arpt           37.9     35.6      1972    1891
Fisher Branch          34.6     32.0      1991    1977
Melita                 36.1     30.1      1996    1993
Pilot Mound            35.5     35.0      1961    1938
Pinawa                 33.4     33.0      1991    1964
Portage/southport      36.6     35.6      1972    1886


  1. Another 30°C today, the 21st this year! :)

  2. Great news, the statistics page is almost finished. I hope to have it all finish by Sunday or Monday!

  3. Will have the August and summer summaries tomorrow. I will include just how this August and this summer (June-July-August) ranks compared to other years.