Thursday, 16 August 2012

Yesterday's Totals

     Here are some rainfall amounts from yesterday. Amounts are from midnight to midnight yesterday, and come from Environment Canada and Manitoba Agriculture.

Brandon                     4.0 mm
Emerson                    5.6 mm
Steinbach                 11.6 mm
Winnipeg                  10-15 mm
Portage                    12-16 mm
Eriksdale                   23.0 mm
Fisher Branch            31.1 mm
Berens River              36.6 mm
Mafeking                   52.0 mm (up to 5 PM)
George’s Island          56.9 mm (up to 5 PM)

     Lake effect streamers formed off the lake yesterday evening and overnight. It is early in the year to get these lake effect events. 


  1. And it does look like we will see lots of sunshine today, unless if we get under some lake effect cloud, which is unnlikely for Winnipeg. A band of lake effect cloud is visible coming off Lake Manitoba and Winnipeg, both to the east and west of the city.

  2. It's going to be a cold night tonight with lows between 5 and 8°C in the RRV and southeastern Manitoba.

  3. I plan to make improvements to the 'statistics tab' soon, as the way I currently do it is complicated and not time-efficient. Hope to have these improvements done soon!

  4. The old blogs I had made for the daily temperature and precipitation records data, as well as the monthly temperature records data, will now be dismantled to make way for a new, simpler, more user-friendly statistics page. I have begun the changes, and I will continue finishing the changes over the next few days. Head on over to check it out!

  5. Brr a chilly start to the morning with a low of 4.5°C at the airport. Things will be warming up in the next few days thankfully, so this cold weather will be brief.