Sunday, 12 August 2012


     It will be a fairly cloudy day with scattered showers, and possible thunderstorms. The risk for storms is looking a little lower than anticipated, but the risk is still there. Main threat is significant rainfall as storms and showers move quite slowly. Highs today will depend on how much sun we get. Anywhere between 22 and 24°C is to be kept in mind.

     Tomorrow will be sunnier, and not very warm. Highs will be near 23°C, a few degrees below normal.

     I will continue to keep a close eye on mid and late week, as an unseasonably strong system moves in Tuesday night and Wednesday. Significant rainfall and thunderstorms may be possible in some parts of southern and central Manitoba with this. Behind the system, it will be much, much cooler for a few days. Highs are only expected to be between 17 and 20°C Thursday and Friday, while overnight lows will likely be in the mid single digits! Yikes!
Temperatures at this point look to rebound in the weekend. Still too early to confirm this, so stay tuned.


  1. I've been hearing some comments that no thunderstorms are expected anywhere in southern Manitoba today. I wouldn't be too sure about that myself.
    I do believe some storms will be possible today anywhere in southern Manitoba, but they will be isolated.

  2. Scattered downpours, and some isolated thunderstorms stretching from Carman to Bissett at the moment. Getting some lightning strikes near Carman and just south of Gimli so far. Looks like we are getting storms after all ;)

    These will push into Winnipeg soon. Locally heavy downpours likely, and a possibility of thunder.

  3. A mix of sun and cloud today with a high near 23 or 24°C for much of southern Manitoba.

    Looks like it will be a little warmer tomorrow than anticipated with highs in the 25 or 26°C range. However, temps will depend on how much sun we get. If we get full blown sunshine all afternoon (unlikely), then 27 would be possible. Personally I'm saying 26°C is a good call.

    Rain with risk of a few thunderstorms move in Tuesday night, with scattered showers and storms expected Wednesday afternoon - similar to yesterday.

    Thursday will be quite cool with a morning low in the high single digits and a high around 18 or 19°C.

  4. We may see some showers in the city overnight, but the more major rainfall looks to be in the morning tomorrow. We may see some thunderstorms as well since the cold front is expected to pass sometime late morning or early afternoon. Significant rainfall will be possible. General 5 to 15 mm expected, but if thunderstorms occur that amount could rise much higher locally.
    Heavy rain expected in the northern Interlake and eastern Manitoba tonight and tomorrow especially. 50 to 70 mm possible.
    Behind the front tomorrow, northwest winds will pick up dramatically with gusts of 60 km/h possible; perhaps even 70 km/h locally. It will be cool too as a result with highs barely reaching 20°C.

  5. Things are moving through at a very rapid pace. At this rate, the rain and storms will be out by 10 AM already. We'll be left with cloudy skies for much of the day, then showers will likely redevelop later this afternoon and into the evening.

    Due to this rapid pace this morning, rain amounts will likely be on the low side, perhaps 2 to 10 mm, depending on your location. (This is for the RRV)